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Public Discord Auth Bot [WIP]

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Roles don't stay with users when they leave a Discord, and it doesn't actually store users so if they come back they'd need to re-auth. It won't give them roles automatically just for re-joining ?. One of the things I am adding tonight is to adjust the counting mechanism when a user leaves, but that's just an int value that gets increased when a user auths or decreased when they have their auth reset. 


The authbot is different from the dual universe discord bot, which does store user Discord ID's to sync them (many Discord bots do this), but even for that there is a mechanism to remove user roles from the DB when they leave automatically, and that is only applicable for the DU Discord. 


I guess I should clarify because there is a bit of confusion going around about what Authbot provides...


- Authbot doesn't provide a mechanism for users to link their accounts, that is only done through the official Discord so that NQ can moderate if necessary.

- Authbot doesn't apply or remove roles automatically, that is still a manual process that is initiated by running the auth or reset commands. 

- Authbot doesn't create channels or assign permissions, Discord owners/moderators still need to set those up for their own application. 

- All Authbot does is synchronize the role names that users have from the official Discord into other Discords, none of the permissions are applied, only the role names themselves. Discords still have to actually assign unique permissions as they see fit to their own needs.

- Authbot is not storing user details, it's pulling them from DU-DiscordBot. Hence why the actual linking of accounts is done through the official Discord, to give NQ the ability to revoke permissions if necessary (perhaps if someone were removed from the pre-alpha for breaking the NDA, or something along those lines). 


As for giving API access to the data, I considered it, but I figured it would make people too uneasy if those details were accessible. 


None of this will be necessary once the NDA drops anyways, all it would be good for is to give people backer roles, which I really doubt people are going to care about once the NDA drops.


tl;dr - Authbot looks up a Discord user ID in the database and reads what backer level they have, that's all. 

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I figured that much, yes. So if I understand correctly, in reality what this means is that NQ gets control over what access level you can provide on your own Discord. If you have pre-alpha access and adhere to NDA rules, yet do not want to participate in DU discord (anymore) or get kicked from the DU Discord you would lose access to NDA restricted channels anywhere the bot is run as soon as it syncs. 


I agree this will be irrelevant once the NDA lifts, which could be a long time. I like the basic idea of the bots and guess their use is limited to NDA related access. It would be nice to eventually see a more rounded API based out of the account servers which would allow for instance to set up access based on being a member of a specific org. That's well into the future though as I have no doubt NQ has much bigger fish to fry for the next year or so.

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13 hours ago, yamamushi said:

Is everyone who isn't going to use it going to post about it? ?


Meanwhile, almost 500 people (a quarter of the official Discord) are using the auth system now without issue, and it is in use on several Discord servers:


If they believe there is a reason for not using it, then yes, they should post.


Glad people are finding a use for it, but by that logic....The whole of human civilization (and some small fraction even now) thought the Earth was flat, numbers didn't make them correct then either. Cheers o/

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