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Interactive Elements Suggestions

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Some ideas for interactive elements.


Password terminal:
When actived with F, it opens an interface window, where you can type in a password. In building mode you can set a password. If someone types in the set password, it activates signal A for a set amount of time and optionally activates a signal B, when someone types in a wrong password.


Interactive displays:
Screens, where you can activate and deactivate different signals. Possibly with scripting your own user interface.

Also you can add the password feature here.


Weapon detector:
Like presence detector, but with weapons.


Volume detector:
A container would be linked to the volume detector. The detector would give a signal, when the content of the container has a certain volume. You would set this volume in building mode, using "<, > or =" and a number value.

Conditions for item links:
You could make different item links from containers only work for specific kinds of resources or items.

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A lot of what you're suggesting should be readily achievable with in-game LUA scripting.
However, something that functions like a Minecraft 'comparator', that gives a signal based on the state of what it is connected to, does indeed sound like a great addition to the link-based logic elements system (for those who do not wish to engage with LUA).


Hopefully, basic Terminals/Displays/Interfaces are easy enough to set up even for the code-inexperienced on release, as you suggest. ?

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I saw in the tutorial, that NQ has also added some elements, that they call operators, to make things easier. Altough they are not absolutely necessary, since you can also build them by using only inverters and relays.

I think there are some other operators, NQ could add to make things easier for beginners.


Exclusive Gate:
Only sends an output signal, when it receives an input signal from exactly the set number of required plugs.

(Could require a signal from all plugs, or just from exactly one for example)

You would have to be able to edit the element in building mode, but it would be usable as any kind of gate, so there are less different elements.



If these elements should have less editing options, there could be added these two additional elements instead:

AND Gate:
Only sends an output signal, when it receives an input signal from all plugs.


XOR Gate:
Has two plugs and only sends an output signal, when it receives an input signal from exactly one plug.



Also useful:



Sends a continuous output signal after receiving an input signal from plug A, until it receives an input signal from plug B.
This would basically be a 1-bit memory cell. (Or a "switch element" that can be turned on and off by other signals)
This can very easily be build by just 2 inverters connecting to each other though. (At least I think that, but I haven't tested the game yet)

It makes computational processes possible.

Here is a link about circuits, that can be built in minecraft.

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