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Friendly reminder: submit your Construct to have a chance to see it in a Saturday Screenshot!

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Dear pre-Alpha testers,


Here's a friendly reminder about how to present your creation to the rest of the Community:
Until the NDA lift, if you want to show what you have built in-game, please contact NQ-Diesel (either in-game, by private message on the forum, or by sending him an e-mail at video@novaquark.com). Once this is done, a small team from Novaquark staff will valid if the Construct submitted meet all of our criteria to be published in a Saturday Screenshot (or an official video made by Novaquark). Please, don't contact NQ-Diesel for anything else unless it is specified somewhere (he has already a lot on his plate ;)).


We know that recent screenshots have represented Constructs from a specific Organization in particular and have started to raise a few concerns in the Community. The concern is duly noted and while these Constructs are of exceptional quality, we will do our best to have a better representation of the content created by the Community as a whole, with Constructs from various Organizations in the future.


Best Regards,

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