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  1. 1. Do we want robots?

    • Yes the sky is the limit
    • Yes but they need to be non intelligent and can onl;y perform simple task (Not being able to be used for war either)
    • Yes but only used for warefare
    • Yes but limit them but still be able to be used for war mining and automated fatorys

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On 7/21/2018 at 1:31 AM, Gonk said:

Does it though? I agree with what your saying that it will make the game easier for smaller groups using them, but it would also allow larger orgs to expand more. Secondly the main problem with mining robots is that they would be able to gather huge amounts of resources 24/7, whereas any automated ship will be weaker than player ships ("Weapons, when scripted, will be extremely inefficient or underpowered compared to unscripted weapons used by players (for example by limiting number of actions per second achieved by the script). This is to make the game more balanced" Dual Universe Wiki on LAU scripting). But it would allow smaller organisations who don't have members of larger organisations to defend their territory 24/7 to have some protection from pirate raids. In addition while they would be able to build structures quicker with construction bots, they would still need the resources to do so, hence they would not be able to build the same structures as larger organisations.

In my previous comment I probably should've specified this, as while these wouldn't make smaller organisations equal to larger organisations, they could still compete in the sense of being able to complete projects like building a space station at least near to the speed in which larger organisations can. 

Lastly, life of a larger organisation will not be made worse by additions of battlebot, construction bot, etc. Considering the large amount of resources they have to deal with, these would be very useful as battlebot's could be used as fighters like vulture droids, transport bots would help these larger organisations manage and transport their enormous quantities of resources a lot easier, and construction bots would allow them to complete huge projects a lot easier. 

In summary I probably shouldn't have said that small organisations will be able to compete with larger organisations, just that it would certainly benefit smaller organisations a lot.

I was thinking about this perhaps a Mechanic can be introduced where the larger the org is the harder this workforce is to be viable This will allow small orgs to compete with the large ones something that no other current survival game that I know of has done.


On 4/25/2018 at 12:12 PM, Alsan Teamaro said:

It's inevitable.... both things: robots in DU and this song...



I love this music


On 7/21/2018 at 2:22 AM, NanoDot said:

One problem I see with the idea of "automated bots" is that it will massively increase server load, because each player can then control multiple constructs simultaneously. Each active construct will be a mobile core, and will have to be tracked by the servers so that they can be displayed in the game world and be shown on radar scans, etc. The amount of mobile constructs in a battle or player city will potentially double or triple (or more).


I suspect the server load implications are possibly a significant reason why NQ is against automated drones and bots...

Potentially but there new form of servers respond very well to huge loads however there may have to be caps per person to do/get around this? The problem with that is it alone can favor large orgs as they have more players it could work with the above mentioned mechanic

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