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Armour mods and augments



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  1. 1. Should DU add armour to the game?

    • Yep
    • limit it but yes
    • Nah lets go naked
    • Use the chariter spawn with suit systym like in SE
  2. 2. Should there be augments?

    • yes
    • no pls
    • Restrict it but make it possible

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So Armour the thing that was built to defend humans in many ways.For example Ark uses a set tier systym, Rust use a randomized gear system what will DU use? will DU have Armour? or will they just spawn in and like Space engineers with skined armour? Will you have to manage your armour other than durability? Will you be able to put augments on your armour to give a edge over your combatant? 

 If so what kinds of things can you use to augment your armour? 

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