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While i know there are already some topics mentioning Re-entry i thought it fit to make an entire thread dedicated to this.

Re-entry is something i believe Dual universe could use for a great deal of reasons.

For example you could use it as a weapon, ramming ships into atmosphere to the point where they burn up.
Not even to mention that it is a feature that few space sims like this have succeeded in. It wouldnt be too harsh on PC's as well. I cant see a little light coming off a ship and the ship exploding really affecting anything, especially considering what other things will be going on.

Either way. Thats my suggestion. Not much, but yeah.:D

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Even if there's no reentry damage (because of Server restrictions or whatever) I think it's a viable tactic already. Spaceships might not be able to fly at all in atmosphere, so once pushed they're stuck there xD

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