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[Pre-Alpha Event] Build the first City!

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Dear Pre-Alpha Testers,


The goal of this new in-game event is to build the largest possible city in a combined effort from the community. You can build houses, buildings or even skyscrapers representing your home or your Organization headquarters in a civilian, urban environment! 




When will start the event and will it end?


It will start with the test tomorrow (Saturday, April 7th, 2018).
It will end with the release of the upcoming new Client Build (ETA: May 2018)
To get more info about the new build coming soon, you can read this blog post on our website.


Where will it happen?

On Alioth, at the following coordinates: pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000}



A teleporter will be set in front of the Hub, at the end of the bridge, near the Arkship.

This will teleport you on the involved territory tile for the event.

There, you'll find a small square and the goal is to build a city around it.


Why a City Building event?

While this event might seem similar to the “Building Outpost” contest, there are some important differences: this is not really a contest and more a global community effort to test how the server will behave with a real, fully detailed city built by players. 


Why not a Spaceship Building event?

We wanted to make a Spaceship Building event first. However, this would not have made a lot of sense, as we are planning very soon a revamp of the piloting game mechanics, as well as new interactive Elements to diversify the means to propulse dynamic constructs. We will plan to make a new contest for spaceships once we will have released the new build


Will there be a reward?

Not this time, as it isn’t a contest but more a global common goal for the following playtests.
However, we might publish screenshots and/or a video of the best constructs on our social media and on our website ;)


Best Regards,
The Novaquark team.


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Hi guys, 


The weekend test that occurred on Saturday, April 7th, showed that the community is creative!  Not that we had any doubts, if you take a look the recent Outpost Contest too as an example.


It was a lot of fun and, as expected, it was a little bit hectic :lol:

That was kind of the point, though, beyond just giving a simple goal to the Pre-Alpha testers. We were curious to see players' behavior, of course, but also to perform a technical test too. 


That ended up stressing this "old" r0.8 version of the game beyond reasonable and it's currently hard to continue building in good conditions in the dedicated zone. We have around 412 constructs as of posting this message and some customized Lua scripted ones are responsible for lowering performances for many players. 




This "old" version of the game is of course not as optimized as it would be ideal, the game is still in Pre-Alpha and that's to be expected at this development stage. 


As the next Pre-Alpha test will happen tomorrow April 12th, and -let's be honest- performances are not going to get any better with even more constructs being added, we have to cancel the event

In consequence, we kindly ask our Pre-Alpha testers to avoid pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000} and the surrounding tiles for a better gaming experience ;)


If the Pre-Alpha testers had any issue to reconnect to the game and an impossibility to use the Force Respawn feature, they'll have to contact our Support staff and we'll teleport players elsewhere to make sure they can play. 


In any case: data collected are of a tremendous help and we already planned the necessary improvements for the future versions of the game. Some of them should be available in the next r0.10 build and we're working hard to make sure that things will be running correctly (at least at 30 FPS) for the Alpha 1. 


Talking about the next r0.10 version of the game, make sure to read this article on our website if you missed it! It contains elements that you might be interested in. 


We're amazed by what the community already does in the Pre-Alpha and the help it provides to Novaquark to improve and refine everything along the road. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and commitment! 


The Novaquark Team

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