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Novean Dreamers Almanac - issue 3 out now

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Hello there.


This is a magazine about the Dual Universe community.

You should read it, like all the cool kids.



(pdf, 2 mb)


Contents of issue 1: Cities, the Press and intergovernmental organizations



(pdf, 2 mb)


Contents of issue 2: War on the Battlefield & War in the Arena, Non-English-speaking communities



(pdf, 2 mb)


Contents of issue 3: Espionage and Counter-Intelligence, the Service Industry, and a stupid map


Website: Spaceship Drama

Discord (Agilolfing#8694)


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Great inmersion in this DU virtual reality, by the way, much more interesting than many old-boring affairs of the "real world" virtual reality that they still try to sell us. Excelent reading and edition. Congrats.

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