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Maybe Next Week

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This story began as an entry for Novawrimo2017.  I started it, but it did not seem right, so I abandoned it for a while.  Eventually, I had a new idea for it and then it all fell into place.  By then it was much too late for the contest, but I wanted to share it anyway.


I invite you to join me in an investigation of the relationship between a man and his AI in the fateful year of 2145.



This story is part of the AI Series.

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Added link to the AI Series.

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"What a pleasant surprise! I was in the mood for writing just yesterday evening, and decided to pick up the Novawrimo story I thought about last year. Work's ramping up and rather than spend time on Eve, trying to defuse stress with more stress, writing seemed the right option. 


I'll change it up a bit, anyway. The setting was to take place in the year AI was banned: 2150, but there are other ideas I could write on, rather than AI. 


I hope to read more of your stories in the future.




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Yes I add my thanks too, Brian. I enjoyed reading it: I really liked your ability to convey the AI, very, very skillfully done.


I'll try to write up something in my leisure time for DU, and without any time pressure, though I doubt it will contain any dialogue, whatsoever, not something I can do.

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