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Building Contest & AMA Event

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Dear Pre-Alpha testers,
Two things are coming for the playtest, Saturday February 3rd!


Outpost Building Contest

Now that we have implemented a (basic) version of the Blueprint feature, we are planning to organize a few contests in the coming months. To celebrate the implementation of new Elements (decorative for the time being), the first contest will start on Saturday, February 3rd. Show your builder skills by creating an outpost! It can be underground or in the sky, but the construct shouldn’t be a vehicle.


The goal:

Building the most kickass outpost during the next playtests.


The time frame:

The event starts at 2.00 pm UTC on Saturday, February 3rd. 
It ends at 11.00 pm UTC on Saturday, March 10th.
(You will have 2 Saturdays and 4 Fridays of playtests to make it)


The prizes:

1st place:
- The outpost will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post
- 3 Beta Keys (to share with your friends)
- 3 DACs


2nd place:
- The outpost will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post
- 2 Beta Keys (to share with your friends)
- 2 DACs


3rd place:
- The outpost will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post
- 1 Beta Key (to share with a friend)
- 1 DAC


Criteria selection list:


The winners will be selected by a jury formed with the Novaquark staff.
We will take into account the following criteria:

  • The outpost must be a static construct.
  • The outpost must be made with only one construct.
  • The outpost must have a (serious) Sci-Fi vibe.
  • The outpost should be good looking and creative.
  • The outpost shouldn’t represent a copyrighted asset from another Sci-Fi universe.


AMA (Ask Me Anything) In-game Event

On Saturday, February 3rd, JC Baillie will be connected in-game and will answer your questions! 
We will give your further information on the topic in the coming days.


Best Regards,
The Novaquark team.

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In order to give you more possibilities for your outpost, more Elements will be implemented in-game for the playtest next Saturday!

Here are the new Elements (only decorative at the moment, no gameplay associated to them yet):



Best Regards,

The Novaquark team.

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Additional info about both events happening tomorrow:


In-game AMA event with JC: when and where.

  • It will take place at 14:15 UTC (the server will open at 14:00 UTC as planned) and may last up to 1 hour.
  • We will give the in-game coordinates where it takes place. You will also be able to use the teleporter near the Tutorial area to go where the AMA will take place.
  • The questions will have to be posted in a special chat channel "AMA" (no question posted in the general chat will be taken into account).
  • Once in-game, to join the channel "AMA", use the command: /join AMA
  • As there is chance you will be many to have questions, please don't flood the channel with more questions before JC had the time to answer the first ones.


Rewards for the Outpost Building contest when a group of players is involved

  • It will be possible to build an Outpost with friends. However, the limit is set at 10 players per Outpost.
  • It won't be possible to participate to several Outposts submitted for the contest: if you are registered as participant for several Outposts, you won't be eligible for any reward.
  • The owner of the Outpost (the person who deployed the Core Unit of the Outpost and only her) will get the reward mentioned in the first post of the topic.
  • Other players participating to this Outpost will get 1 DAC as a reward, if the Outpost is among the three winning ones.
  • It's up to the owner of the Outpost to list all his friends participating to his Outpost.
  • The list must be sent to our customer support at community@novaquark.com to be validated.


Best Regards,



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The Outpost Building Contest is nearly finished, so it's time to submit your participations for the contests.

As Today's test session is extended until Monday March 12th 9:00 UTC, the Outpost Building Contest is also extended until the end of this test session.

(Please keep in mind that if a technical incident occurs during the week-end, the server may be shut down prematurely).


To validate your participation, if you haven't already done it, please send us an e-mail at community@novaquark.com with the following information:

- Outpost Construct Owner's name (in-game name)
- Participants names who helped to build this Outpost
(in-game name. Maximum: 9 in addition of the owner. Someone registered as a participant on a Construct cannot be registered as a participant on other Constructs).
- Planet's name where the Outpost is located.
- Outpost name (optional).
- Outpost in-game coordinates (optional).
- Outpost creation date and time (optional).
- Screenshots and/or short video (30sec max) of your Outpost (would be a big plus).
- If you send Screenshots and/or a short video, please make one with ONLY the Outpost displayed. You can make more screenshots and videos with other constructs to decorate (with Spaceships and such), but we must at least have a visual with just the Outpost displayed.


You have until Tuesday March 13th 23:00 UTC to submit your participation to the Contest.


Of course, if you want to share some of your in-game creations with the Novaquark team outside of the Contest, you can totally by sending screenshots and videos to the following address: video@novaquark.com 


Best Regards,

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Hi guys, 


The Outpost Building Contest is over and now is the time to announce the winners!

We had a hard time to pick the best contributions!


1st place:
Croomar's team (Objective DriveYards)




2nd place:

Tango_Lima (Gallia Gemina)




3rd place:

UnderHandAerial's team (Hyperion)




Congratulations and thank you to all the contestants who entered the competition! 

We'll release a video next week to showcase the work accomplished here and it's impressive! 




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