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Blackstar racing

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Blackstar Racing


Blackstar racing is looking for members. we need ship designers and test pilots. 


Who are we looking for?

   we want people who enjoy speed. we need designers to make and improve custom built, unique raceships, and people to fly them. Blackstar is a peaceful organisation, and hope that by being purely dedicated to the race we can be the fastest. I want to start out with a small team to start with, consisting of 2 pilots, and a research and development team of around 5 people. We won't expect you to be entirely dedicated to the game, but I expect pilots to try to be on regularly to test pilot ships for the RnD team, to train / practice often, and to attend races (given that it IS our main potential source of income.) I expect the RnD team to be on regularly as possible, and to attend races and events like the Alioth aerospace expo to aid in RnD by learning about both our, and others, ships and building techniques. Most of all, however, Blackstar Racing is about having fun at high speeds.

Why should you join us?

   If you want to be a designer, this allows you to be an important part of an ongoing design project - with only a small amount of people, everyone has a part to play.  People will see your work every time we enter a race, and if we win,  you will know you helped, and your work would become well known among the community.  If you want to be a pilot, you will get to drive some of (hopefully the) fastest ships in the galaxy, and you will have the oppurtunity to become well known as the person who flew it to victory in many races.

   But I think the most important reason to join us is that you like speed, and will be in a small community of likeminded individuals.


How can you earn money?

Now, of course the intended primary source of income will be prize money from races, but I intend to have the RnD team work on racer designs for the general public (not as well developed as ours, of course) and we will also be able to sell blueprints of prototypes and obselete designs for money. profits will be split equally among the team, with the pilots getting a small bonus if they win any races. profits will be split leaving quanta left for fundings for things like RnD, transport to races, fuel for races and other unforseen costs. Blackstar Racing is also affiliated with New Genesis, allowing us safety to build and improve, and also monetary support.


What positions are currently open?

Head of RnD - open for applicants

pilot - open for applicants

 member of RnD - open for applicants


How to apply.

Simple - visit the discord and ask, or apply to the org on the website. there are no definite requirements, I will just pick people who persuade me they are right for the job.

discord- https://discord.gg/sb3s75

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