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Request for better Forum Icon Consistency


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Regarding the icon layout and functional consistency of these forums...

There are these "voice bubble" icons in front of thread titles that look very similar to the voice bubbles in front of forum area titles.


Issue: Inconsistent behavior

  • The icon in front of the forum titles marks ALL threads inside that forum read.
  • The icon in front of the thread titles jumps to the first unread posting.


Multiple times now I accidentally marked whole forum areas read, because I intuitively clicked on that icon.


Possible solutions, ordered by personal preference descending:

  1. disable the "Mark forum as read" on the forum area index - the function would still be accessible from inside the forum, where we have a button on top to do the same
  2. add a confirmation "You're about to mark the whole forum as read. Continue?" on the forum area index (maybe in combination with 3.)
  3. significantly change the design of those two functions that are very different from each other (however still, the similar layout/position would lead to intuitively target that area for the wrong reason...)
  4. make the icon in front of thread titles (that now do "Go to first unread post") do "Mark this thread read" instead (but as "mark something read" is a very destructive and afaik irreversible(?) function, I strongly feel against this solution - it's just an "at least it would be consistent" kind of thing...)


Thank you for your consideration :)

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Update: fixed it on my end using Stylish.


Here's the simple CSS solution to remove only the <a> tag that contains the "Mark Read" action:

.cForumList .cForumRow div.ipsDataItem_icon.ipsDataItem_category a[data-action="markAsRead"] {
	display: none;

...and because it looked so empty...

.cForumList .cForumRow.ipsDataItem_unread div.ipsDataItem_icon.ipsDataItem_category:before {
	content: '=)';

Done! :)

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I think I understand what you mean, I have to tilt my monitor every so often to see what's been "read" and what's "new" on the forums.

lol but that's sort of the trade off I suppose to have a monochromatic/ B&W theme

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