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How's it going everyone?


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What's up guys! My name's Nicholas, but you can call me Nick or NRS if you please. I'm a person who's rather obsessed with games in the space genre, and Dual Universe is no exception. In other words, I can't wait for this to come out! There are many things I enjoy doing, and those things include making concept art, designing, and a bit of programming. I believe those three things can help a lot with this game's economy. I'm planning on designing as many affordable spaceships that use minimal material as I can. Well, that's about me. See you guys around!

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1 hour ago, Sir_Rat said:

Hello, Sir Nicholas! Now I know what the 'N' stands for! Two more to go. :D

Hah, very true! You'll easily find the "S," but the "R" will be hard!

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On 11/1/2017 at 3:52 PM, Dorlas said:

Rusty Samaritan?

Roman Senate?

Rasputin Soviet?

Ramadan Suleiman?

What about Sir_Rat, who liked some of the posts here? Can't ignore that. ;)


Welcome to the forums NRS! I've always been a fan of acronyms for names, though if I could go back in time I'd tell my 14 year old self to pick one with less consequtive consenants.

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