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Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules

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Hi everyone !


It's time for an update regarding some points specific to the Pre-Alpha that have been heavily discussed since last week:


The Pre-Alpha Discord server!


After many discussions and feedback from members of the Community, we have decided to create a Discord Server that will be administered by Novaquark.
Note that this Discord is made specifically for the Pre-Alpha, meaning there is no guarantee that this Discord Server will continue after the Pre-Alpha. As many people wanted to see a Discord run by Novaquark staff, we'll see this as an experiment. Many factors will be taken into consideration to evaluate to which extent a Novaquark Discord channel is relevant. How much more feedback we will have with a Discord server, how much more detailed as well, but also (and this is one of the most important question) how much time will it require to be administered properly.


Once you will connect on this Discord server, you won't be able to see anything on it until you will be given the appropriate role by one of the Admins (who will be all Novaquark staff members). The Discord server address will be given in an email sent to you, a few days (one or two) prior to the date where you will have access to the Pre-Alpha. So if you're in the ATV group, you will receive the email before the end of this Friday (Sep 23rd), and if you're a Pre-Alpha tester outside the ATV group, you will receive the email a bit before the end of Friday next week (Sep 30th).


New Staff Member!


Some of you may have already noticed his profile on the forum, NQ-Wanderer has joined our ranks a bit more than one month and a half ago. He is one of our Customer Support Agents and you will probably hear from him on many occasions: he's the one that will send mails to you regarding the Pre-Alpha tests, and will be one of the Admins of the Pre-Alpha Discord Server, as well as Nomad and me. One important note though: if you have a request related to customer support, please don't contact him by private message on the forum or on Discord. For an appropriate follow-up, it's important that you continue to send an email to the appropriate email address (support@novaquark.com) or fill a request form on the upcoming Customer Support portal.


Pre-Alpha... What's in it?


In the coming days, we plan to give you a description of what will be available for testing during the first test sessions on 23rd and 30th of September.


Best Regards,

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