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Welcome to the community.


Youmay want to look into BOO - Band of Outlaws...



@Lethys, @Cybrex and @Lord_Void can tell you more about it!!! ?







Edit: I didn't forget about you @MrShaw - just that when I tried to tagged I forgot you had the Mr infront of Shaw ? sowwy!

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14 hours ago, slimakbob said:

hello guys. can i find here any pirates teams created already?

or noone think about rob innocent voyagers yet? ;>



I would suggest talking with BOO if you want to get into that type of thing. . .

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6 hours ago, FrozenFace said:

without weapons they can be only victims =)

Hello let me introduce my self! No puns intended! =) 


I think profits will be great for weapons smith like my self because people and organizations will need the weapons to keep themselves safe! There will probably be average weapons on the market for people or organizations that my not have the skills or art to make them, but I am planning to make special orders that will be blueprinted and only sold for that organization's or person's own exclusive use.


As of being a pirate I thought about it but I will not be doing any fighting because : I'm more of the lover type than fighter type!  =) 

If you have questions I maybe able to point you in the right direction but some of the larger pirate groups have all ready ben named. There are smaller organizations out there if that's what your looking for but you will probably need to send there leaders a message to set up a contract! So keep in mind if the larger orgs or too pricey there are smaller and cheaper orgs out there you just need to contact them.   =)

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