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Hi guys, 


We have an important news we want to share with you today. We just sent a press release to announce that thanks to your amazing support during the Kickstarter and via our Crowdfunding portal, Novaquark raised $3.7 million from its shareholders. 


As we mentioned several times in the past and more recently in our post-mortem on Gamasutra, your support has been a proof that lots of gamers want Dual Universe to happen. In consequence, our current financial partners are now even more eager to support us. This new round of funding plus crowdfunding mean that, as of writing, we raised $7.4 million in total since the company was created in 2014. 


What does it change? Not much, in reality. The Kickstarter funds have been invested in production and necessary daily operations for a company and we continue as planned our road to Alpha for this September. 


Despite these good news, we stay careful in our approach and must pay attention to every little details everyday. This amount of money may surely sound big but truth is: we're not "rich". Modern video game production standards, Dual Universe's scope and ambition and the fact it's an MMO impose costs that need to be considered with care. 


We need continuous support to make this dream game happen. The more you are with us, the more we can remain independent and strong in future negotiations with financial partners or even publishers. 


Press release for gaming outlets can be found on our website here

Thank you very much for your commitment.





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