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DU Video Series[German]


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Hey Guys,

I'm not totally sure if this the right place for this xD
If it isn't, I'm sorry...

Today, I started a new video series on my German YouTube Channel.

I will upload a Video about DU every Friday.

The Topics will be different but all kind of informational.
The first Video is a basic video that answers the question "What is Dual Universe?"

Because it is a German video on a German Channel I will continue in German with specific information. 

So, nun noch mal etwas genauer:
Jeden Freitag kommt ab sofort ein Informationsvideo zu DU auf meinem YouTube Kanal.
Die Themen werden recht verschieden sein, sei es ein Deutsches Video zur Lore, zu Gameplay Mechanismen oder auch zur Community.
Das erste Video behandelt die Grundlage was DU eigentlich ist und soll für jeden ein Einstig bitten. Für die denen das Video gefällt, ist es denke ich auch gut um das Spiel neuen Leuten zu Zeigen.

Ich hoffe es gefällt euch ^^


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Nice video, good basic info for the first video, very good description


Just a small advice: take your time with the talking. Sometimes you're too fast, the pronunciation suffers and it sounds like you're very nervous. 


If you need help with translation, where to find some information or something else, just write me a pm and I'll see to it

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As first Thanks to everyone for the great feedback ^^

@Lethys Yeah, I know that it isn't perfect.
This is my first Video I have done with a script.
My other Videos a simple "Let's Plays" or Talk Videos where I Just talk with a hand of keywords noted.
I think the next one will be a little better ^^
And thanks for your Help! I think I know where to find the most and translation is no problem, but if something appears I can't solve, I will ask.

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