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Organizations deleted and the reasons behind

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Hi everyone,


As many of you have probably heard, there has been a purge of ghost accounts and a few organizations deleted lately.  As Organization deletion can be seen as a quite extreme measure without knowing the full context, we wanted to explain how we work, to make it 100% clear for both old members and newcomers:


We have already stated that we have no plan in monitoring closely each organization of the whole community nor involving ourselves in their management for several reasons:
1) Because it's not our policy and we don't like to play the police role.
2) Because we think that monitoring everything doesn't generate an healthy environment.
3) Because we prefer invest our time on more constructive topics.


However, a few people have understood this stance as "Any shady practice can be done as NQ will never intervene".

So we are going to make also very clear that it doesn't work this way:


While we value the freedom and the privacy of the players in the Community, we reserve the right to intervene when a player or a group of players generate trouble in the community. In return of not being behind the back of each player and organization, we expect some self-moderation, common sense and reasonable behavior from the community members. 


This is a simple deal between the Novaquark team and the community, really. 


However, if someone starts to generate trouble,  try to exploit loopholes in the system to gain personal advantage or undermine the work of other people, then the deal is off: Novaquark will start investigating and if we do find proofs of shady practices, expect sanctions.


(note: we make a clear distinction between sabotaging another organization while playing by the rules and sabotaging another organization while exploiting a loophole. See the topic about Organization Management & Exception NQ Interventions for more details.)


In additions to this process, the following factors are considered as aggravating circumstances:

- If someone does something forbidden by the rules on a large scale.
- Cumulating various infractions at the same time.
- If the people breaking the rules are well-known  have significant visibility in the community. 
Very active members / Community Pillars are the face of the community, so it's even more important to act accordingly to the rules, otherwise, it could give a bad image of the community to newcomers.
- If the people caught (or under investigation) start(s) to play "the one who doesn't understand what all this is about", or ignore the advice to come forward before the investigation ends, thinking it will end well anyway. Taking the members of the Novaquark team for fools will never end well.

- Making the team waste more time than a simple investigation would have needed.

On the other hand, admitting what has been committed and/or helping with the investigation in good faith can lower the importance of the sanction: to spare us (at least partially) wasting our  time on something that should haven't occurred in the first place remains appreciated.


What happened recently:


During an investigation, we discovered the following things:


1) Access to some accounts by someone else than their rightful owner. 
That's prohibited by our ToS (even sharing accounts between friends or members of the same family as reminded here). 
2) Access to some accounts by someone else than their rightful owner in order to sabotage an organization.
3) Using a loophole of a temporary system in order to sabotage an organization with which the perpetrator was in competition.
(Again infiltration and sabotage will be fair game only when the full management system will be implemented, not before) 
4) Creating multiple ghost accounts in order to artificially inflate the size of several organizations.
That's prohibited by our ToS and mentioned explicitly there)


5) Sharing publicly a private conversation between a community member and Novaquark staff without the explicit authorization to do so. 
That's prohibited by our ToS as a breach of our confidentiality policy, as explained in our forum rules)


Aggravating Circumstances: 

- Doing something forbidden by the rules on a large scale.
- Cumulating various infractions.
- Involved persons not willing to admit any of their infractions.
(whether by playing innocent or just ignoring our warning)
- Time wasted in handling requests to solve problems on ghost accounts.


Which measures have been taken:


- ATV status loss for leaking private conversation between a community member and Novaquark staff.
- 3 Warning Points to those who benefited the most of the discovered infractions.
- 30 Ghost accounts removed.
- 5 Organizations disbanded who benefited all from the removed ghost accounts.


Why going to the extent of deleting organizations?


Several reasons:

If it was just a simple case of ghost accounts, we would have gone with a less severe sanction.
However, due to the four aggravating circumstances mentioned above, we went for one of the most extreme sanction.


Despite all of that, we didn’t blindly erase all the content that has been published in the deleted organizations. Texts and images that were posted in these organizations remain stored on our side, as well as a member list for each deleted organization. In this scenario, founders of deleted organizations are allowed to recreate their organization and can request the assets stored on our side, if they accept to follow the rules after the incident and don’t create anymore trouble in the community (which, unfortunately, is not exactly what happened in this case).


We hope this will answer some questions and worries that some may have had regarding the recent events on this topic: we are not going to delete organizations in a frenzy, based on a whim. However, if those committing infractions push the troubles too far, organization deletion may happen.


Best Regards,
The Novaquark Team.

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Additional information on the topic:

While there was clearly a significant amount of ghost accounts created by a few people in the deleted organizations, there was also a significant number of legit players as well. As the current situation is the consequence of actions done by only a few players, there is a high chance that most former members of the deleted organizations have nothing to do with the incident. It seemed necessary to underline this point, as many probably don't deserve to be rejected by other organizations because of the mistakes of those responsible for the situation.


Best regards,


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