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Official Community Portal Bug Report thread

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Not bug related but i wonder is there a limit to change display name on the community portal ? looks like there is no warn message like the one in the forums that said "you only can change it once per xxx"

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Main site is all jacked up when you try to login. One page asks for email / password but only works with your Username and password and another page asks for username / password but needs the opposite. I think someone has these switched or just the wording on the actual pages.

Also on mainpage...if you fail to login for whatever reason you don't have an option for a "forgot my password" anywhere. I almost gave up buying my pledge package and went elsewhere. But I kept trying and figured it out.


Also not really a bug but when I first came to site to find forums......I click community thinking its the forums but I get to a page with no header image of "the forums" instead I get other links but had to click dropdown for the actual forums link. It may be confusing for people to find em?


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