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Ships and the crew required

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I do hope DU could provide engaging experience for every crew, and left simple and repeative work to automated system and script. Most players aren't trained military personnel waiting for order 24 hours, so crew should be a feature to improve ship's performance, not a requirement to run a ship, or it will result in a bunch of under-crewed ship sitting around.  


Personally, I think a ship may have 3 characters that are difficult to be fully automated: navigator, "function control" (fire control on warship, deck control on carrier, etc) and communicator. And if a player is good enough to manage all three characters at the same time, he should be allowed to pilot a highly-automated big ship alone.

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TL:DR all he posts on this subject, but her are some thoughts.


At first(or near first) the "world" will be small and having large scale battles will hinder growth and diversity. Having multiple person crews will help with this but as the "universe" grows with the amount of space and available materials for ships players will start feeling limited (everyone will want to be the captain)


I think they (devs) are on the right track in letting it go both ways (multi-crewed and solo-crewed flight/fight). But I think there going to far in making a wide gap. I think a better balance is making it just a little better with a multi-crewed ship then solo-crewed. As in maybe 1/1.5-1/2.0. where 1 multi-crewed ship is better then 1 solo-crewed ship but not better then 2 solo-crewed ships. This would allow groups to have an advantage and allow solo players to have a chance. would also allow people to have a role in a fight when materials and space is sparse, and grow when space and ship material expands.  

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