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The Outfit is Now Recruiting

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5 hours ago, Dhara_Elysande said:

Hi guys,


We have a new member!  Welcome to the Outfit @Munney!  Looking forward to playing with you!

Thanks Dhara, I am looking forward to it as well... more like chompin at the bit... cant wait to settle in to a place and begin sculpting all kinds of statues and monuments, all i need are sketches to work off... Is it September yet?!?!?!

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Just wanted to pop in and remind everyone that we are recruiting again.  At this point we have a couple of top officer positions available due to some of them not having access until beta or later. So if you're interested please apply!




To our current Outfit members, we have begun organizing for the alpha launch.  Please login to our forums and/or discord to join in on the discussion. We will be on our discord on the morning of the 23rd for our ATV members.  We hope to see you guys there!  

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I am  the one who knocks!...in the video that's my character he looks a lot like Walter White. Great job on the video Dhara, I can't wait to get in to DU and start playing!

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