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Hello, but never goodbye...

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Hello there fellow enthusiasts, I am CaptainKingz, or CraftingKingz. Few of you may have already seen my posts, but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and a little background. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who started off playing loads of Minecraft since 2011. That's where I got my original title of CraftingKingz, which I only use for some games nowadays. I played loads of Yogscast complete modpack with my buds and loved the factory feel and idea. When I first discovered Dual Universe (through a facebook ad) I was hooked. I ran to my wallet and backed the with an honest Iron Founder package. I do plan on buying higher tier packages too when that shop is set up. I saw the videos and read every update about ship building and construction and I loved the idea. I created my own organization in hopes of providing the whole universe with cheap and reliable transportation. I really want to give into this great game's community and be an active member of the forums, and also build up my organization before the game's release. I hope all y'all in the community can accept and welcome me into your family and help shape this game for the better.


I thought I should also include:


Sandbox Games Played:

  1. Rust
  2. Minecraft (Yogscast Complete)
  3. Ark
  4. Space Engineers
  5. Empyrion
  6. Terraria
  7. Starbound
  8. Don't Starve (Together)
  9. Factorio
  10. Savage Lands
  11. Starmade
  12. Reign of Kings (Regrettable)

Space Games Played:

  1. Space Engineers
  2. Empyrion
  3. Starbound
  4. Starmade
  5. Star Citizen
  6. Pulsar: Lost Colony

If you want I'd love it if y'all add me as friends ;)

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