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Saul Retav

Limiting Script Automation will Hinder Economic Growth

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I really don't care much about automated mining, I'm fine without automation. However I will be absolutely distraught if i can't make a mining drill! I want to use vehicles to mine and dig. I want to tether my ship to and asteroid to mine it for resources, I want , to bore large tunnels through mountains with a tunnel boarding machine. I do not want to be limited to the equivalent of a bloody pick axe. I'm sure there would be plenty of social interaction required for a large, safe, and efficient mining operations.

Pickaxe is life, dude.

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All discussions about mining are probably going to change once we know how much ore is actually going to be present in DU per planet/moon/ territory tile. Making mining to much a grind will halter the game and i do not mean normal effort but extensive "korean mmo style" grinding. Balancing ores will be the making or breaking of the game. If it takes me a day to get ores to lets say craft a door, the building will be without doors, same for every other element. If building a simple engine takes a week in ore grinding players will leave sooner then Windows 8. I assume NQ knows this.

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