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Alpha 1

Found 8 results

  1. [FR] PRÉFACE --------------------- Confédération de commerçant se plaçant en neutralité parfaite sur l'échiquier diplomatique de l'univers Dual. Trust us, because we trust you. Serveur vocal Site communautaire La DELTA Confederation est une organisation à but de commerce, nous sommes des bâtisseurs, pour une bonne partie des passionnés d'architecture, attirés par la folie des grandeurs et du design building. Notre objectif n'est autre que de créer un climat propice aux échanges et interactions entre joueurs et/ou organisations, tout en regroupant diverses organisations confédérées en notre cloud. Nous sommes des pacifistes, notre organisation n'entrera jamais en guerre de son initiative. Nos services, vont de la conception technique, au stock de ressource pour des organisations nomades dans des ambassades en leurs noms sur notre territoire, tout en passant par la vente de ressources primaires ou secondaires. L'objectif de la DELTA Confederation est de pérenniser un climat neutre et convivial entre tout les acteurs de l'économie de Quanta City. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal [EN] PREAMBLE --------------------- Merchant confederation placing itself in perfect neutrality on the diplomatic spectrum of the Dual universe. Trust us, because we trust you. Vocal server Organization board The DELTA Confederation is an organization for commercial purposes, we are builders, for a good part of architecture enthusiasts, attracted by the madness of grandeur and design building. Our goal is to create a climate conducive to exchanges and interactions between players and / or organizations, while bringing together various confederate organizations in our cloud. We are pacifists, our organization will never go to war on its own initiative. Our services range from technical design, to resource stocks for nomadic organizations in embassies to their names in our territory, while passing on the sale of primary or secondary resources. The goal of the DELTA Confederation is to maintain a neutral and friendly atmosphere among all players in the economy of Quanta City. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Organization board Vocal server
  2. Ever_green

    Hi, im Ever_green

    Hi, I'm Ever_green. I've always shown an interest in space games and about four months ago I found dual universe. I loved the idea of a virtual civilization and I think dual universe is going to achieve that. So I bought a contributor pack. I cant wait for this game to come out its like a dream come true for me. I alsoi created two organazations here they are: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-alliance https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-industries
  3. Is alpha going to be the same thing as space engineers, but without damage? - _ -
  4. Neolithic

    Dual Universe Pledges

    What do these things even do, and why would we buy them: $15 (Actually $17) --------- 1. In - Game Titles: Do we get special items associated with them? Will they mean something more like social status or something, that'd be pretty messed up if it did? 2. Thanks In the Credits as Early Backer: Do I get my name in the credits or is it thanking everyone at the same time? $30 (Actually $34) --------- 3. Digital Reward Original Soundtrack: Do I get to play music in my buildings/ ship with this? $60 (Actually $67) --------- 4. 11 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Beta? $68 (Actually $76) --------- 5. Arkship Passenger ID Card: What does this even do/ will do? $120 (Actually $134) --------- 6. 23 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Alpha? 7. Alpha Team Outfit: Are there different types of clothing in the game? $135 (Actually $151) --------- 8. Dual Universe T-Shirt: Is this like some sort of thank you gift just to raise the price? $260 (Actually $268) --------- 9. Dual Universe Metallic Box: Is this in game and what will it do or is this more trash they are trying to sell? 10. Dual Universe Art Book: Why? Just Why? 11. Dual Universe Poster: I actually like this one, just wish it came with the lower packages. $505 (Actually $564) --------- 12. Alpha Team Member Statue (Male Or Female): Is this an in game statue or is this real? Is it a statue of them or an in game player? 13. Dual Universe Collector Box: Same question as metallic box, but I'm starting to think this is real, why sell me trash? 14. Arkship USB Key: What do this do? Is it in game or real? Is it useless trash or no? $1000 (Actually $1117) --------- 15. One Hour Call with JC: If we all bought this, how would JC manage their time? Is JC a nickname for a person or the team? Can it be recorded? 16. Custom Avatar Portrait: Why is the cost so high for this, why not just make this an in game feature for everyone? 17. 2 Alpha Team Member Statues: Virtual or Physical? 18. 80 DAC's: Why are we paying for DAC's at this point, we already have a lifetime subscription? $5000 (Actually $5587) --------- 19. Half Day with JC and Team: Well, if I can afford this, I could probably afford a few more hundred dollars for my plane ticket right, because I gotta ACTUALLY spend 12 hours with them, shake hands, kiss maybe, start a new family with JC and Team, please? How would they manage their time by giving this out? What if they get attacked or exposed or hacked? $7000 (Actually $7821) --------- 20. Development of DU Secret: Do we get the info first before release or do we get it first LONG before release? What if someone decides to throw this out to the community before release? What if they get hacked? 21. Full Day with JC and Team: What is considered a full day to them, is it 24 hours (a sleep over), or is it in business days? This is enough time for me to start a family with every member in the team . 22. What does Kyrium even mean? 23. If you can pay this much for a game, what tax bracket are you in?
  5. Hi all, I've been a long time lurker here and decided to finally register to ask a question that's been bothering me. I understand that there's a lot, if not most of this game that isn't quite set in stone. There's a lot of questions I want to ask but I know most of then can't really be answered yet. What I do want to ask is about the so called "persistent universe". Now in the F.A.Q. it's a little vague about how it describes the way the universe functions. It is implied that it is infinite but it never directly says it either so I'm left unsure about how that will all work. I'm pretty interested in the political concepts that are being looked at. It seems to be possibly derivitve of EVE Politics which is to me a good thing, politics in EVE are probably the most interesting part about that game. However it should be know that often times what drives political conflicts and wars in EVE and even in our own history is landgrabs, there's always some peice of land or territory that somebody else wants to get their hands on. My question is that if there is no limit to how much territory there can be, what value does it even really have? I've read plenty already and I see it being said that it will take a long time to even claim territory and try to spread out amongst the stars which is all well and good but let's be real here nobody outside the dev team really has anyway to measure that. In EVE territory is limited, and with low supply comes high demand and spectacular conflicts ensue as a result. If it's easy to just explore some more and get more land why would anybody fight over it? Obviously the idea of a never ending MMO universe sounds cool but is it really the best thing to do? Or will politics not really matter as much in this game. If this question has already been answered then I apologize, I searched but didn't find anything anywhere. Tl;Dr basically what the title says
  6. Potus12123

    Join The Empire Today!!!

    The Empire is an organization that values Honor, Loyalty, Wisdom, but above all else, it values Respect among its people and its Military. The Imperial Military has probably the most advanced Ranking and Communication system yet and in Battle Scenarios, we train our Military Leaders in the art of war. Our fleets are comprised of ships that can decimate an entire planet if called for but we are not tyrants, we are peacekeepers but when our territory is threatened our fleets will go to war. We have an Economy plan that will shine brightly as a beacon of success and of industry as our worlds grow and our citizens get rich.As our Emperor said "you could become a multi-billionaire if you wish" all with the help of the Empire. But if you don't want to be a businessman/businesswoman or you don't want to be in the Military, you could be in the IAD or Imperial Advanced Development and be constructing the great imperial fleets or you could be a Researcher in IAD-RD or Imperial Advanced Development Research Division, this Division is for researching new technologies and constructs prototype ships for the imperial fleets to test.This is the Link to our Website if you would like join us we would be glad to have you!http://dualempire.com/
  7. MuadDib

    Alpha fanatics!

    Who here has Alpha access? And how is super hyped for it to begin? I don't know about you guys but the recent mining gif was spectacular. I literally jumped out of my seat and cried allowed to my girlfriend "Did you see that dust effect?!?!" she then gave me a subtle raised eyebrow. Although I still believe that if we all jump around and make a bunch of noise the alpha will get here faster! =D
  8. SteelRain27

    Private Shards

    Was just curious about how people felt about the potential for private servers? I am a streamer and one thing that happens to us on public servers (even really large ones) is getting sniped. The idea of a single place for people to populate a world is a thrilling "idea". In practical application though these things usually don't end the way you want them to in an uncontrolled environment. Someone who becomes bored might decide to fly their ship into your carefully crafted city and you lose hours of work. I would love to the the ability to have server hosting for this game so that the larger communities servers that have application processes and rules would be able to utilize this game. I am also an avid RP streamer and that community is really excited for something like this to come along. Experience shows that in an open server not everyone likes to play ball and grief instead when you are trying to tell a story. Anyways I would love to hear what others thoughts are on the potential of server hosting for the game, pros, cons and the like. Cheers SteelRain27