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Found 1 result

  1. Now this is a "What if?" situation since I'm not exactly sure how the economy system would fully work so here goes. So, Part 1. What if the way to earn money is to trade resources in for credits using game generated missions. For example: get XXXX amount of wood for XXXX credits. Have it for renewable resources so we don't just feed the game resources that don't regenerate . Part 2. Give the organizations the ability to create a Mission Board (of some kind), And allow them to set taxes for it (with some limit of course). Say organization A has 10% tax on the credit rewards from it's Mission board. so people can generate money for their organization. And allow the organization to set taxes for it's members and non-members separately. Part 3. Give members of the organization the ability to post their own missions for credit rewards on the mission board. And give the organization the ability to tax the rewards for that as well. The tax is optional of course depending on the organization. Part 4. Allow the organization itself to post missions for credit rewards with the funds being deducted from it's "Guild Bank". Part 5. Have all the mission boards from a certain organization linked together and give the option for the user/organization created missions for them to be local to the board or publicly shared on the organization's mission board network. Part 6. Now this is optional, add a global mission browser for all players to see the missions list and locations of the boards to take the missions from. Part 7. The physical reward part is simple. People who post missions can claim their mission from the board they posted the mission from, the board can have an inventory for each player to house the "asked for" in the mission which they can "Loot" and the organization can have a bigger one (for organization posted missions). Part 8. Have a board at the arkship spawn point at the start with limited missions just to start people off. And have the boards created by the organizations give better missions with better rewards. Now this is just a fantasy i had of an organizational driven economy with an organization creating towns, hubs, and outposts to further grow and generate revenue for itself and it's members. I'm not very good at explaining ideas in plain words so please pardon the confusing descriptions. (This is not meant to replace an in-game market, it's just a way to generate credits)
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