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Found 8 results

  1. I have put a support ticket (#12682) in and I have posted on your facebook wall. Can I please have a refund? It's been 5 days now with zero replies etc... We had a large house expense that was unexpected and sudden. I'll be glad to re-pledge once the game fully releases. Thank you
  2. Lost in space? Got no fuel? Ship's broken down? Who you gonna call? The Terran Union Emergency Services! If you're ever stranded and seek immediate assistance, hit the "distress beacon" button on our website: http://dual-emergency.weebly.com/ The Terran Union Emergency Services is an effective team of well trained, well respected and well paid employees who travel the cosmos rescuing stranded pilots and crews, and we want YOU to be one of them. Many positions are available, ranging from response team to dispatch command to senior staff. For more information, visit our website or join our discord: https://discord.gg/zBVgpu If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!
  3. First off, I wanted to give my discord link, always welcome to new people: https://discordapp.com/invite/cRA2kt8 Second, can anyone leave a like on this video: https://youtu.be/IfTqJiPv25E
  4. Uhh, how about you lower the prices on everything in these new: "Supporter Packs". I'm poor, I can't afford to spend a hundred dollars on a game, just so I could play alpha with no pvp in it. I honestly have to wait almost a year, because I plan to buy beta, because it costs soooooo much. I understand the game needs to be funded, but some people can't afford to throw hundreds of dollars around just for a game. 7k, really? - _ - https://community.dualthegame.com/pledge
  5. Quick Question. Will Dual Universe be on Steam? I think DU should be on steam when in the beta phase since it will help reach out to a wider playerbase. I also think it will be a less pain when moving around on different computers.
  6. Hello, Thanks for reading! I would like to announce the creation of a chapter of Signal Cartel in Dual Universe. We are an organization dedicated to exploration, research and provision of services related to (interstellar) travel, wormholes and (ancient) sites as they are found. We believe in non aggression and will always make an effort of evading non-friendly engagement . If need be or when aggressed however, we can and will defend with the full force of our support backbone. Like minded agents willing to join us are more than welcome to apply while we prepare and st up operations. Organizations willing to support our Credo and co-operate or provide services as welcome and encouraged to contact us through our organization page. I'd be happy to answer your question if you have any! Regards, Blazemonger
  7. Hi! I'm currently trying to upgrade my pledge from silver to gold in order to get an alpha key. Sadly, your payment portal won't allow me to pay! They claim that I received a "4-character code" by phone / that I could find it on my online bank account, which is a lie, since the code never arrived. (My bank is "Société Générale", which is a French bank.) My bank probably charges with a delay, which means I can't get my code in time for the "three hours" delay they are talking about. Here is the page I get when I try to upgrade my pledge. What should I do in order to get my alpha key? Do you have another payment portal that I could use?
  8. We are a new private military organization now recruiting!!! You will start as a recruit, and work your way up. Our ranks are in order from lowest rank to highest, going from 1= lowest, 7= highest. Income levels increase per rank, to be determined. 1. Recruit 2. Lieutenant 3. Captain 4. Major 5. Colonel 6. General 7. General of the Army Apply now: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/sky-soldiers If any legion is looking for protection, contact me (username: Grafando). We will NOT provide protection to conflicting legions. We take a very small part in politics. More information can be found at the link I provided above.
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