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Found 1 result

  1. To all the poor souls that bought a proprietary design and don't like the seat color: come to us! We'll provide you with an accurate replica, improved with our own scripts and your own individual taste. Everything you buy from us is yours. Feel free to modify, copy, paste or mass produce. We're out there for you to free code and design. They lock it? We break it. They hide it? We find it. They try to control you? We'll set you free again. They want to protect the seller from the buyer? Don't let them cheat you. We'll always find a way to replicate and recreate - and because we don't have to think the stuff up, we'll excel at improving what others first had to imagine. Support freedom. Join us today. No obligations. As first act of revolution I've copied and improved upon this cool looking logo. Join and you'll be free to wave it around too! Or don't join and wave it around anyways. This is based on an image in public domain and I put my creation into CC0 too Apply today - everyone will be accepted and if we feel like it we may rebuild someones HQ at a nicer location, eh? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/copycat/ Disclaimer Since no obligations, in contrast to everything else, is meant serious, we might never get anything done. Don't let this little note keep us from enjoying the ride tho - there will be enough flamable beverages and other kinds of mind altering substances. Just remember the only serious part: no obligations. Regarding "Free code and design!" Think of free speech, not free beer - although there shall be beer of course. Update 2020-03-20 Since the organization's page likes to be inaccessible at times, here's our discord link. Feel free to join now!
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