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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, this is for the idea box.This idea is that when a clan has no more resources in its territory or the minerals increase in price they receive resources by teleportation BUT if clan in question has a reputation very bad because it causes wars, sabotage, "attack" or provider of organization malicious they do not receive help of the game and conversely for the good clans. Well on players could even give them resources but this idea would be good for the beginning because I suppose there is no "big drilling company" my idea is a "humanitarian" aid I do not speak directly give tools or building block I talk about giving resources to make these objects. Regards supermasternico
  2. This is a new forum I created where all you do is post and like other posts, so hopefully it takes off. Let the reputation farming begin!
  3. Allowing a means for players to create and interpret data from a standings system with their own definitions of what gives or takes standings points. Allowing player orgs to decide what gives or takes standings with their respective entity. Perhaps you have it set so that attacking a ship with a specific standing or lower, a point decided by the legate authority of that org, gives a positive standings increase. Conversely setting it to attacking a friendly might decrease or do nothing. although perhaps they have it set so that even attacking allies gives a standings increase. Perhaps completing missions through their terminals, donating money or resources, going on a patrol run for their armed forces, and so forth as is possible to define with in game tools. Allowing the org to decide on a per organisational level what increases or decreases standings in relation to that organisation would allow the organisations to specifically define themselves. Allowing the orgs to define their parameter and the level of gains or decreases. for instance -1000 to +1000 with +1 2 or 3 gains or losses or a more familiar -10 to +10 with .01 .02 .03 gains and losses as described by individually tagged actions. In conjunction to standings a reputation system which runs independent from standings so that orgs could further interpret peoples data with an equally expansive table to define what increases or decreases reputation based on player actions as decided by that organisation. For instance you might have +100 standings but -100 reputation, achievable if the org hands out positive standings for stealing goods, but negative reputation for the act. The org by means of the hierarchy of power and application of tags to said roles of power in the hierarchy can cutoff a players usage of certain stargates, yet not acknowledge them as a red kill on sight enemy. Perhaps you could allow further creation or desruction of these standings / reputations to allow for players to interpret many different types of behaviors or actions. This would allow organisations to create automatic means for players to complete tasks missions or activity and gain access to other areas that players have created. such as harder missions, access to specific stargates, or so forth. In fact this kind of application would let players by their own powers create and apply the sense of security ratings to systems, by means of requiring specific standings or reputation levels to use a certain stargate. Thank you reader.
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