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Found 5 results

  1. The gaming world appears to be moving away from monthly fees for games. Perhaps a flat fee would be better with payments for ENTIRELY non gameplay items like decorative elements, element skins or paying to import your own models/skins from Blender (subject to review before acceptance) etc? Edit: title fixed
  2. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to make an alternate release (maybe some time after initial release) that is sort of like the structure of Minecraft, with single player survival and/or LAN co-op. I don't know much about online games, but I AM assuming that they take up a lot of space, which would be an issue, and it would probably require maximum hardware, but if it didn't hurt sales (assuming it's possible) then I would think it would at least be a good idea experimentally. If the answer is no, I am at the least anticipating some information regarding how exactly the game functions as an idea of why it wouldn't work. Thanks for any information!
  3. So like the title says i had the idea of a better payment method currently all signs point to a subscription fee every month(to simplify) but if the devs were to make a b2p version of the game that does not include multiplayer but still includes all building elements etc. This way people who dislike subscription fees such as myself have an option to enjoy this amazing game and they don't cause any load on the devs once the game is out. This payment option is superior to the current envisioned payment option because it enables players to not have to be held down by subscriptions but the game could be played offline but not cause any load on the devs. The devs still get the stable financial benefits that come with a p2p system with the players that enjoy multiplayer and the players who don't have to worry about paying every month get the amazing experience that dual universe looks like it will be. I frankly see this as a win win situation but if you see any details that need attention please address them in the comments. Ps. I dislike p2p systems because of the financial fiasco that i live in and the fact i have to pay a million other subscriptions but it does make sense with what the devs want to do to end this note devs keep being awesome and making a magnificent game
  4. Ofdimaelr


    I want to support this game but there is no Paypal option.
  5. For the vast majority of people, the current planned model works really well: Most people either have a job with regular income or a lot of free time, and the ability to buy a month's subscription with either real money (to finance the game) or in-game money (requiring you'd contribute a lot to the game's economy) utilizes the best of both. That's being said, there is growing 3rd market of people who have irregular income. If you do freelance work, if you own a small business, or if your income is reliant on the growing share-economy, you are going to have better months or worst off months, and it's harder to commit to a luxury (Which an MMO essentially is). What I would like to see is some sort of limited capacity for people to play without paying. Perhaps the building tools aren't available, perhaps you can't increase your character skills. A smoother transitions between pay and non-pay mode would allow people to participate on different levels depending on how they are doing. Someone is undercutting your web design clientele? Nobody is renting your airbnb? Perhaps this month you aren't going to build your own ships, perhaps this month you'll be the crew in someone else's. I am not exactly sure what limitations this mode would entail, but the point is that even while handicapped, you can put the bill on hold and still log in and participate and contribute in the world and your in-game social circle, which in turn would mean you are more likely to keep playing and go back to paying when the next client comes along.
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