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  1. THE PROCLAMATION OF THE FEDEARTION THE PROCLAMATION The united federatred nations of the Uneivers enjoy the the new age, the new time. To day are the federation, a military and economy galactic alliance founded in the glory of all gods and men, to confess, to survive, the world, its danger, its love. We come all as nations, organisations, inviduals and companies. All to toghether deffend whats ours, all what is. This we do to the sun fade to. United and stong! THE FEDERATION The federation is a military economy alliance accross the univers. A alliance who share constitusion, military and economy. Its a new dream in this dark corrupted world. A dream where everyone is free, safe and with rights. Find your nation and their goal, togehter, with the federations help isnt it a nation enymore, it is a empire, a gloriose star on the banner of victoriouse nations, organistations and companies. The banner of The Federation. Ruled by publick elected goverment is the nations military and officially politicks kept in order along with their interest. All is voted over in the senate and sat to action. It is three things to say about The Federation is. Stability, order and frendship. We are a huge family, citizen. Start under our protection, wether your a criminal, engineer or a worker. You are welcome. Organization come and build your glory under or fundations, support and saftyness. Nations come and build yor empires under our armies, economy and diplomats. You are all welcome! So join us today at. HISTORY OF THE FEDERATION THE WORLD WAS SLOWLY fading into corruption and selfinnes. No man was free from mankinds greed to power, the world was shatthered and grey. It was in the year of earth 400ef.kr. 4 billions and 5441 millions year after it creation. The Roman empire was dominating the western world. It was speaked of the end of the world, the end of everything. Where they scared, of course!. They where hoping for the light, the prayed yelled and screamed after it! But only darkness answered. They where near to give up, their God didnt love them enymore. 200 years passed, and then! Out of fire and ice came they. The Titans. They spreaded their life their help to the humans. Leaded their armies to vicory after victory. Now 600 years after is they gone, one remains. And the world has faded once again. The humans cant pray. The gods are deaf. They must save them self. The Titan rises his banner. Will you follow! On this ¨gloriouse way to victory, together, for ever should we make history! The mankind stepped out in the new world, and it was saved once again. The rest is yours to explore. THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE FEDERATION The Federation has one main capital, here lays the foundations of the allance and main offices of it. The first thing the federation ensure f or you is safty, after that, freedom and last oppertunetises. To do that have we a administration, laws and police to insure these goals. We are verey up to personal and public freedom. The alliance is leaded by the people, to secure that their wishes fulfilled. We will have a huge admistration to ensure that the best and only the best comes out. The Federation is ruled by the cansell, each seat ( department) has its own chancellor and administration, the cancell is led by the Lord chancellor, every chancellor is chosen by the senate, who is chosen by the nation they represent, 30% of the senate's senatores are elected independet of nations. Each nation has it own way to rule or ideal to follow, the only law thats is a like everywhere is the constitution. ECONOMIAL SUPPORT Since the federation is a military and economial alliance after all, has it some financial support programm. Each nation and organization. inside the terretori of The federeation has to pay taxses to it. No joy without work guyes. Well the money goes to diffrent fonds wich will be listed below. Each person hold up the comunity, so that the comunity help them. It would be procent taxses so noone could claim someone has smaller taxses than others, based on that nation's fortune. Togehter, untied and strong would we survive this univers. Here are the following fonds. NATION ECONOMIAL SUPPORT -national public decoration support (to a nation's decoration) -national public financial support (if the nation is in lack of money or to concurances etc.) -national education support (to scools and acadamics) ORGANIZATION ECONOMIAL SUPPORT -company and organization support (every new funding gets financial support) -employer support ( The federation pays a procent of the emploise's wage) -innovative support (every innovative product get financial support) INDIVIDUAL ECONOMIAL SUPPORT -education support (finiancial support for education) -fun support ( financial support for facilities, such as concurances, festivals etc. When almost broke) -home support (financial support for a home, when you cant afford it) MILITARY SUPPORT Well almost all money goes to the military, some goes to the seat of Deffensiv Affairs Military programm. Since The Federation is a military alliance to, must The Federation have a military force to protect and defend its allied nations and its own intrest. Under a possible attack on one of our nation will always the The military forces stand up. We want to make a world of light and gold, but that can't be made without blood too. Each nation can (if they want to) have their own military, but we would have our own, so its no need for one. The military are of course free to join and we expect many pvp'ers to join this force, as it is fun, full with action and frustrating THE CAPITOL THE DREAM OF A BETTER WORLD The Capitol, raising scyscapers, thousends of humans and rising over it all, the symbol of the federation. The Senate. We hope that the Capitol is going to bee the numer one city, with all that follows. Well as it is in reality, it is going to be in the Capitol, to make the eye of all eyes, must you find all of them in a singel place. That means that the capitol is not going to be one city, but thousendes spread out on one single planet. That means if you want to make a floating city in a district, you can do it! Or if you want, you can make a underground city in a district. Well here we want organisations to set their bases, companies their offices and players there home. It shall be a place fore everyone. The fighter, the smuggler, the carpenter, the trader, the politician, and so one. Therefor shall we try our best to give you the best city, with events every week. Although its going to be a wonderfull city with a place for everyone have the council sat some guidlines you can follow or not. This means city layers and buidings. We suggesst that big block shaped buildings are buildt on the ground level in a radius of 1 kilometer. This buildingcan be used for storage, as factory. (basicly what you do not want in your house) or just be rented out. On top of that comes the building you want to be seen, this could be a scyscraper, a inn. You do not need to use the whole space, you can rent or sell oout the space you not use to others, but we do recomand that the building is high and big. But it is your choice, for the world is at your feet. Here are the following layers of the city. GROUND LEVEL The ground level is a low security zone and will not be as protected as the other levels, here can you raid without getting catched by the police drones. This would be a fine place to do shady bussness and build small houses in the streets,with big factories throwing shit at the streets and the light glooming shady from above,between the the scyscrapers in the middle level would this level be perfect for: Smugglers, nasty traders, people on the wong side ofthe law, people that need to hide, pirats and wepon glad players. Pleas try to not kill everyone. Ha aha ha MIDDLE LEVEL Thislevel is right over the ground level, here are the scyscrapers rising to the sky, plattforms with ships redy to take players up to the univers, here lays the public buildings and administrantion building. All secured by the police. Guyes, do not pull upp a gun here, i am sirouse. Ha ha ha this is the perfect place to: traders, people (without the plan to kill everyone), offices and appartmens. Basicly, the population of the capitol. UPPER LEVEL As spotted on the name. This is the uppper level. Luxeriouse lounges and appartments, feasts and drinks. All to enourmous amounts of money. Here right under the sky lives the elite, the richest, the talented, the famouse. Fare away frome the sounds of the underground could the company owner relax, the politican intrgue and the general practise. Here lives the rich people. Is it moreto say? All these are just how we wnat it to look, but it is your dream that shuld visulise here, isnt it? But it is something you should be awere of you get 25% off the cost of the building you build if it is block shaped and 1 kilometer in radius. You get 25% of the cost of the scysraper if you build one on top of the other. That means 50% of the cost of the entire building if you build it as we recomand! We are howerver free at this point, as long as it fits come and chec us out! we are here for you!!
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