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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, So with the new support packs coming out, one of the reasons you might get one pack over the other is the "Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU)" Their description is as follows: Territories located in a Moon Secure Area are called “Sanctuary Territories”. A player can claim a Sanctuary Territory with a Normal or Sanctuary Territory Unit. (Note: Sanctuary Territory Units are bound to account). The precise role and application of Sanctuary Territory Units will be explained in more detail at a later date. On unclaimed Sanctuary Territories there are no offensive actions and nothing else is allowed. On claimed Sanctuary Territories there are no offensive actions and everything else is subject to RDMS. No valuable resources are available in the ground (only dirt and soil). in the faq page and: Sanctuary zones allow players located in it to build, socialize, store items, and do commerce. Note that the Sanctuary Territory Unit items can only be used within safe zones located on moons. Please refer to the FAQ for more info. So I guess the idea is that we can set up businesses/shops/bases/certain types of cities in these areas, but I feel like the likelyhood of people clumping together to build commercialism outside of the biggest clans might be quite low. So what exactly does Novaquark have in mind for these tiles, and more importantly: how do you get them without buying into the alpha. Also if tiles are account bound does this mean they are more for personal and not intended for group use? It says "will be explained in more detail later" but faq like these are rarely updated timely, so do we already have said update? Another fairly big concern of mine here: what stops people doing mining in dangerous places cheaply without real danger when they can just set up cheap mining and then transport goods into safezones? Why would anyone NOT do this? Therefore, how can attacking/raiding anywhere ever be lucrative? Thanks in advance!
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