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Found 1 result

  1. I have a few ideas regarding interactive maps/star maps. Star Map Star Map is stored electronically in your Nanopack All players start will no data in their SM Data is added to the SM through scanning Data can be selectively uploaded to a map data file These data files can be sold or shared with other players Features Manually created POI’s can be created to mark discovered constructs, or any other location of interest POI’s include an optional description When uploading, you can select which discoveries you want to include or do a complete upload The SM will keep track of the first player known to have discovered the locations on a given players map Discoverer can opt to have their name undisclosed Data from multiple players can be merged onto one data chip Data points on your map that were purchased from other players cannot be resold unless allowed through RDMS Using the RDMS you can prohibit rival organizations from purchasing your data Automatically collects data on locations of planets, resources, and organization territories Potential Effects This could add gameplay for intelligence agents, who try to pinpoint the last known location of a target with the POI system Players buying a unknown map, will have to investigate POI’s at their own risk, because they could be falling into a trap Eventually most planetary data around Alioth will become common knowledge, as competing explorers are continually adding new data to the markets and the value of the older data decreases Some data files will sell better than others because of the usefulness of their POI's Some players explore unknown areas to make money on the open markets, others will do so on contract, and some will do it just to benefit their organization.
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