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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Everyone, As you may read in the Title, How fast should my Internet Connection be to play DU? (I mean mb/s if its possible to predict something like that.) Ps: if there is already a Topic about that throw me in the cellar and send me a link to it. ­čśë
  2. Bonjour, est-ce que ce serait possible d'avoir un site internet de vente inclus dans le jeu o├╣ on pourrait vendre o├╣ ├ęchanger des choses depuis son clans, par exemple on pourrait acheter des vaisseaux ├á SilverLight Industries... Merci
  3. Now this game is going to have a lot of people in it from various backgrounds. I'm willing to bet that some of those people will like large spreadsheets, online data tools, or other programs made by a Dual Universe API (Possibly but that's a different topic); furthermore, there will be a large amount of websites dedicated to in game organizations and the most convenient way for all of this is to have an in game browser, much like Eve Online. Now the Eve Online wasn't chrome, but it got the job done and was light and fast for being in game. This would also allow in game hyperlinking to external websites. I don't see any problems with the concept, at worst could be using a little computer or network resources, but I think those would be negligible compared to the benefits.
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