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Found 2 results

  1. Say you have a large megastructure planetside or in space it will be useful to have this ability. People could rent and customise rented rooms as they please or build a certain part of your structure with no risk of them griefing your overall project. This way people have more autonomy and it's less risk and work for the megastructure owner if these people just have permission to edit a specific core rather than the main core. Somewhat Similar Post -
  2. Having a fully generated beautiful world is really cool. I play Minecraft since many years, and I like to explore and see the different landscape auto-generated. But, as we have already seen in Minecraft, when players comes in and there is no restriction, this world will soon be ugly. And serious players will just hate to see this beautiful world griefed by other players. For this reason, we see some basic rules on many Minecraft servers, like: "Flying trees are forbidden, so cut it entirely and replant it". You know we will have the exact same problem in DU. At least in Minecraft trees can grow and grass can spread. As we have seen in the pre-alpha player test video, the 1st thing everybody will test is : dig a hole in the ground and put a cube on the floor. With 100 players it will very soon be ugly, but with 10000 players, will you even recognize a planet landscape or a garbage planet? So, Novaquark, what is your plan against that mass griefing coming ?
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