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Found 1 result

  1. (sorry for my english, it is not perfect) Hi all! I want to discuss gameplay mechanics in DUAL. While I was searching information about gameplay on forum, I discovered that there are some features that I would not like to see in the game. 1. Game speed. Developers say that it takes month for new player to reach ability of space traveling. In my opinion its realy bad! No no! First, it will be boring to sit on starting planet and farm resources for your first ship. Not many people likes waiting. Second, it can be wery monotonous gameplay. Not many people likes monotonous gameplay. And finaly, everything said will scare away new players. For example: 1. Player takes trial period 2. All of this time he tries to get resources and technology for his first ship. 3. Trial is and no ship no fun, delete this game. 4. Nobody plays DUAL, no money for developers, no game. My offer: Flying from a planet to another should NOT be a real achievement in game. Player should be able for his first fly in 2-3 days after start. BUT this first travels cant be long. He can fly to sattelite planet of starting planet, not so far away. Ability of flying to other planets of solar system should become real at 1-2 weeks after start. Then the player can develop his ships, research technologis, trade, explore nearby planets, join to other ship crew etc. After month of playing he should be able to research something like warp engine to reach closest star (about 1 light year away). But at this point, level of his technical development should not be more than 10%-15% of maximum. So there is a large oportunities to grow. 2. Interstellar travels. The idea of stargate at this time is not good in my opinion. Especially, the idea of probes that travels for months to nearby stars to put there stargates and give ability for players to travel there. It is too long. Civiliztion will be spreading too slow, and there be not much explored systems after a realy long pereod of time. What sense in endless universe if travels are limited by several light years? Players must have ability to travel all over galaxy and even to other galaxies! My offer: Ships must have warp drives or other technologies for FTL travels. This travels can be limited by ships characteristics, top speed of engines, fuel consumption, and level of technologies. First FTL engines should be slow and not very effective. But this technologies can be improved, increasing their power. 3 Civilization growth Civilization should not progressing too slow, some of fraction should gain superiority by technologies, some by resources, other by military power. There will be place for alliances, wars, traiding etc. But there should be place for people who plays alone. They should have opportunities in traveling researching and traiding as well. And they should be able to enjoy the game in their own way. So I hope all of this can be realized in game. And I am looking forward to play DUAL.
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