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Found 2 results

  1. So to start off, @RightBigToeand myself are, by the numbers, the two biggest Dual Universe wiki contributors, and I am currently the administrator of the wiki. RightBigToe recently began adding organizations into the wiki as articles, a decision I disagreed with. Rather than repeat myself, I'll just post our conversation thus far. I will summarize after. To summarize, RightBigToe argues that large organizations are a big part of the game as it is in it's unreleased state, and as such belong on the wiki. I disagree, I think that they have no place on the wiki because they are player-made content; I do not believe community content of any kind belongs on the wiki, only information gathered by the community based upon steadfast mechanics and data released by Novaquark. One of our opinions will have to be set aside, and I feel that it should be the majority opinion based on what the community thinks. Also, there is no animosity of any kind between us, it is simply a difference of opinions! I want this to be fair. So what do you as the community think? Should community content, at least for now, be added to the wiki? What are your thoughts?
  2. Introducing me, Astrov, I would like to say hello to everyone. I share the same interests as anyone who's a fan of Science Fiction, MMO Games, and of course Dual Universe. I created this profile to support and be part of the growing community because we have so much potential. I'm currently a contributor of the Dual Universe wiki (gamepedia) paying close attention to updates by Novaquark and writing its pages, I hope to become its administrator soon to contribute even more. I'm very attracted to Dual Universe because it is one of a few that focuses on the communities' ideas and opinions. I have many ideas myself, but I'll save that for another topic. I'm very interested in meeting people here, maybe make friends! It's a pleasure.
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