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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Noveans, With the release of the Supporter Packs, many new Patron Supporter testers have been getting instant access to the game, for testing. On the forum side (The Alpha Feedback section access), this process takes a bit longer due to several factors. Hopefully the following rundown can help shine some light into how this process works. - The following information has been verified with Novaquark to be 100% accurate – Community Portal Status When someone acquires a Patron or Supporter Pack, the status is automatically updated on the Community Portal. This is an automatic update because of the full control Novaquark has over this platform. Community Forums Status The forums work a little different than the Community Portal. Forum users get their backer status updated the first time they log in AFTER having acquired a Supporter Pack (if the forum account is older than the backer status and the option "stay connected" is activated, the forum account won't update). To fix this you may need to fiddle around with your account to log out of all instances you are currently logged in the forums: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/settings/devices/ Once the “Patron Supporter” Or "Sponsor Supporter" title is on your account, you can now be approved to have your Alpha access to the Forums. This process, however, is done manually by the Community Managers. - A query is done in which all the accounts with the “Patron Supporter” or "Sponsor Supporter" status, that have the “Member” rank, are moved over to the “Alpha Tester” forum group. -` This manual update is done once per week, but, if you are in a hurry to get access to the Alpha Feedback forums, contacting customer support via support@novaquark.com will cut down your wait time to usually, 24-48hrs, during work hours. - The above message has been verified by @NQ-Nyzaltar to be 100% accurate. - Hopefully, this helps answer the question on why your account does not have access to the forums' Alpha Feedback section. ~ Meldrik Edit: Updated 18/12/2018
  2. Is there an Alpha section of the forum? How do I access it?
  3. Once alpha starts and ends, then beta, then eventually the final release... I'm just curious what NQ plans to do with the forums during those times. This is the first time I've been a part of any pre-alpha community and I really want to know. Ever since I started taking part in alphas and betas, I always figured that the forums would be archived in separate pre-alpha, alpha, and beta folders, but strangely I've never seen this in any other game I've played. Sure the game has moved into a new state, the old stuff is no longer relevant, why delete it though? Maybe I'm just appealing to my inner historian, but some of the stuff we discuss here on the forums impacts where the game goes in the future. Wouldn't it be awesome to just dig around in some of those pre-release threads and laugh at some of the ridiculous (and sobering) discussions and ideas that we've had and be able to compare it to the current game? It might be inevitable that what is discussed here would be deleted at some point in development or lost in some unorganized jumble post-release, but I'd really love to see some organization and sorting away done with these pre-release threads when the time comes later next year. Hell, I got 6TB of drive space, I could archive some parts of this on my own if it comes to that. Thoughts?
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