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Found 2 results

  1. English (Translator used) Hello NQ-Nyzaltar, I have sent several POSTS in the Comunity-Forum under MESSAGES, now I see in the "Sent-list" but not which players have read my POSTS. Would it be possible to set a flag in this "Sent-list" when the POST was read? German (orginal) Hallo NQ-Nyzaltar, Ich habe im Comunity-Forum unter MESSAGES mehrere POSTS losgeschickt, nun sehe ich in der Sent-Liste aber nicht welche Spieler meine POSTS gelesen haben. Währe es möglich in dieser Liste ein Kennzeichen zu setzen wenn der POST gelesen wurde? mfG Die Waldfee
  2. In the beginning, there were functional elements that make constructs fulfill their various functions. But what about purely decorative elements? I am not talking about player made elements that were previously alluded to (like a pretty staircase etc) I mean naturally occurring elements such as plants, flowers, small trees and shrubberies. Things that occur naturally on planets that could be placed in a construct to make it look... pretty. And while we are on elements that players cannot create, how about a water spray element so that players can create fountains How about electronic displays, flags, and pennants flying your orgs (static) logo? Lets set aside the technical difficulties and whether NQ has the time to implement any of these for now. What other decorative elements would you like to see in the game?
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