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Found 1 result

  1. I decided to try to build a scale model of a 25cm Dynamic Core Unit this weekend, and because it's too late for me to go get the last few things I need to finish it up, I decided to post my progress anyways. This is just something for me to put up on my bookshelf, and I did rush through it (which is obvious), I see it as more of a proof of concept as I plan on trying to 3D print one in the near future. That depends on my boredom level I guess. According to the Facebook post which accompanied the news about the Dynamic Core Unit, this is a 1 voxel sized unit, and is one of the components necessary to build a spaceship or hovercraft vehicle. I started by cutting out a 25cm x 25cm square of posterboard, and tried to keep the various components to scale. I also found a handy calculator for handling the cone measurements that made things easier: I then cut out transparent sheets to help with the glowing effect I planned on adding: I added blue lighting powered by a 9v battery: And with the final pieces added: I am going to finish up with some black and white paints, and sanding the edges to make them smooth. The glue on it needs to dry for a while now though. I'll post updates when I've finished all of it. I'll probably need to go through and fill the spaces with putty and those will need to be smoothed out with sandpaper too.
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