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Found 1 result

  1. Here is a potential problem that came in my mind today. I hope I can explain it clearly. Imagine the following situation. You fly with your ship onto a planet. The planet seems unpopulated and safe. You land on it and leave your ship to investigate by foot. Then you log off and go to bed. You re-enter the game the next day. Here is the question: Will you still be on that planet or will you spawn somewhere else? Possible answers: NO - you will spawn at the ark ship or at the nearest check point This would be very sobering right? If you fly through space for hours finding a cool place, a secret or recources and you log in and spawn at the ark ship! No good because you have to do the same way again. Even if you would spawn at a near station / check point / wormhole or whatever. Maybe you will find this place never again or you have to travel a distance to find it. YES - you will spawn at the same spot you left the game This is in fact the real problem! You log in the next day and another player built his secured station exacly on that point. What will happen to your avatar? Will you spawn in the ohter players station? (Maybe trapped forever because of the security shield?) You could be trapped in a player built building / cavern / structure. Will you spawn in this construction or on this construction or next to this construction? The same could happen to your ship. How is this gonna be solved? Just a thought.
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