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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the Diverse Unified Accord Building You Up, Creating New Opportunity Our Promise To you We are the Diverse Unified Accord, an organization dedicated to creating a sustainable environment that allows organizations to be built into professional organizations that are worthy of success. We are aimed at giving you the safety, time, and assistance required to create your own assets, plan your own structure, and gain your own members. Our large governmental team ensures that you have the ability to survive the instability and problems that are present in Dual Universe. We are an organization that plans to provide you and the members of the Diverse Unified Accord, who you will be working with, a chance to become organized and powerful. We aim to give all our member a chance at becoming a worthy organization with power to make a real change, solve problem, and establish a firm basis in for success in the community. Members A note for your power We provide you with the services you need in order to be made sure of your safety in this unsafe world. There are many things uncertain, so we try and make predictions about your future a little easier. Our goal is to allow you to do something proactively in order to ensure that you aren't wasting your time. Our system handles you as complicated, sophisticated, and powerful items and assets. Your abilities are an asset that every person wants, and we highlight that. You can be of use to any organization in the DUA you like, or you can assist us in our endeavor to provide better services. Your choices are meant to be wide and expansive. We want to ensure that whatever you do, whatever path you choose, there are no options that are sub-adequate. Our endeavor to provide you with amazing and expansive services is nowhere near complete. It never will be, for as long as we can try to improve ourselves for your benefit, we are never done. Our promise to you is that you will always be a person who can do something in our organization. Never limited in a way that makes you less than what you truly are. Organizations A letter for your prosperity As organizations that may be looking to join the Diverse Unified Accord, you are given the opportunity to expand your influence into new realms. We don't limit you to a structure for a purpose, and that purpose is to create situations where you can reveal what you are capable of. Your ingenuity is a key to your success, so we allow you to go after that success with no limit. Our systems provide safety, security, and assurance that you can continue on without having to worry about building a fleet, using untrustworthy third parties, or have to look for information in unreliable sources. We are meant to help you handle that. In order to ensure you are stable, we make sure we provide stable and reliable systems. Your success is less of a gamble. Your success is high. We provide better services, systems, and options than any other organization around. in order to make sure you have the ability to become something greater, we specialize in that area of expertise. This isn't a simple idea. This is a expertise of ours that we offer to you. Our promise to you is that we will always serve to help you in your endeavors with our expertise. Giving you the best options as we should. Cyrule is the system that will be helping you and your organization directly. It is built to handle requests, manage our systems, and provide improvements that allow us to handle large quantities of data in order to ensure correct supervision. As apart of our government, Cyrule manages crucial parts such as organization management, member registration, organization pairing, information requests, organization applications, and so on. This branch of the DUA is meant to handle large quantities of data in a quick manner. This branch is meant to ensure that things run in an orderly and sophisticated manner that can not normally be matched. Selected Executives of Cyrule are directly responsible for giving assistance to organizations. Going into this, you must be prepared for the tests of your abilities. Are you prepared is the question. Will you succeed is your choice. Thyrule is the system responsible for managing external affairs, The long negotiations, the trade deals, the intelligence, and all sorts of matters. This is split into many different departments in order to ensure that there is the capacity to handle all external matters that come it's way. As such, there is plenty of positions avaliable for those who have high ambitions. You are giving service to the DUA in order to provide options for our members and for those in the external systems to become ailed with us. You are giving intelligence to the DUA in order to make more matters possible. Kyrule is an asset that expects to keep the citizens of the DUA in line and in order. Split into three departments responsible for Tax Collection, Justice, and Policing, it is truly responsible for keeping the DUA in line. The ability of you to perform in this branch of the DUA means you have the ability to keep people in check, for better or worse. This branch is in place to make sure the quota is fulfilled and that no person can call that it hasn't been filled. As a collections officer, you make sure everyone who is responsible has paid their part, As part of the justice system, you make sure that people are held to their responsibilities and can be tried on them. As a officer, you ensure that the places held important in the cities, towns, and important areas are protected. The Military Corps is a Category of organizations that work for the strength of Military. They are given the approval to be classified as military only once they are tested well enough. These organizations are not truly the DUA Military, but rather those that are certified by the Diverse Unified Accord to have the ability to operate well as a Military Force. The Certifications of these organizations are crucial. From mercenaries to certain types of pirates, these groups are given the certification that they can be a fulfilling part of military endevors. Under the Military Corps, operate the Military Core. The certified DUA Military Forces that operate in accordance with he Director of the Military Core. This group serves in order to maintain borders, give forces to expansion, and operate in the best interests of ourselves. The Military Core is specialized, trained, and given certifications that allow it to become a large force to be reckoned with. With ideals defined right from the start, there is no doubt that the people invested in Military will always find a place where the Military Core can bring them in. A use for the greater good of the Diverse Unified Accord, and order for the highest of standards, you will not be dissipointed if you look for the tur quality of protection of the DUA's assets. The quality we assure will always be put at the highest standards when it comes to our forces. Trade Syndicate The Trade Syndicate operates for the organizations. Under the control of an elected Director by the organizations categorized in the Trade Syndicate. For the service of being in the Trade Syndicate, you are given opportunity that doesn't befall organizations outside of it. Under the Trade Syndicate, we wish to give you opportune ability to earn profit, become successful, and form new strengths. Research Union The Research Union operates for the organizations. Under the control of an elected Director by the organizations categorized in the Research Union. Given opportunity to share endeavors and discoveries with one another via a quick and optimized network is vital for discoveries to be made. We aim to provide you with sufficient networks for the greater good of your endeavors. Your research will expand the boundries of this world. Resource Institution The Resource institution operates to ensure the resources are sold at a fair price, that rights to mine are given fairly, and that overview of such matters is not neglected. We want to provide you with a way to ensure your resources are being bought at fair prices, that you can source directly to those who need it, and that your business doesn't fall under because you can't advertise your resources to all people. In the terms of ability, we are the insurance that you are not neglected when dealing with this market. Our Services Made to work for you Our services range extensively and we are constantly working to add new ones. In order to ensure that you are given the ability to live and work in a way that suits you. If we ever leave you out, we are not doing our jobs correctly. We never will abandon you in times of need or in doubt of mind, as you are our most priority, Our systems only get better the more people we have to work on them. Either way you contribute, you are wanting to help us treat a better organization for you, your organization, your peers, and anyone else who may decide to enter into the Diverse Unified Accord. Join Us If you are interested in following us, or want to learn more, you can click the link bellow. https://duafaction.com Follow our social media and join our discord below. Discord Twitter @DUA_Faction Thank you for reading about the Diverse Unified Accord https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dua-diverse-unified-accord
  2. Why hello there! You may not have heard too much from the DUA in recent days, but we've been striving to create more content around you, our primary focus. Not too mention we've been giggly like a bunch of school girls during the very publicly announced pre-alpha tests. Our members are growing ever bolder in their endeavours of researching new designs, training a strong military force, or just talking with others in the community via the forums or Discord. On that note, I'd like to introduce the recruiting part of this! ~ UNITI AEDIFICAMUS ~ It is within you, the strength of the DUA. Power comes in many different forms: from helping everyone out, to forming unshakable bonds, and to create the very machines thousands will use to explore the universe. In this organization, we not only make room for all but foster the means to unlock your greatest potential. Alone can be good, but together we can accomplish anything. Please do check out our DU community page at: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dua-diverse-unified-accord#tab-description Get to know us even better thru our Discord: http://discord.duafaction.com/ Or just scroll down our Twitter feed, the choice is yours! https://twitter.com/DUA_Faction (PS - I can even try to throw in a cool name tag for when the forums have signatures again, represent!)
  3. Back on Earth, things were tough. The Arkships were leaving with people rushing to them and gathering up spots for humanitys hope as quick as possible. It wasn't easy getting a spot so it had to be done quickly or wisely. For me, it wasn't as big of a problem. Given the nickname MasteredRed due to my ability to always make the center of decorations red, I lived a life that had few repercussions. I had been born to a good family with my mother and father raising me until the age of fourteen. After that, I was sent along with me and my brother who was two years older to a high tech school. There, they taught us valuable lessons in production and assembly. From then on after school, I worked in factories where I managed a small production plant to make Kyrium. I worked in the factory for five years after I reached eighteen. By twenty-five, I had begun to work my way up the corporations responsible and managed to make a connection which allowed me to secure two tickets to the Arkship that I worked on. I handed out the second ticket to my brother, however, he traded it in for a ticket on the earlier Arkship, so that he could go ahead and secure territory for ourselves when we both get there. Two years later and the Arkship he was on began to take off. It was an early one and had quite a few minor mistakes as I found out, but as I waved to it, the reactor misfired, causing the propulsions systems to fail and it to come crashing back down. Then, as it started falling, I remembered a promise that I made to my brother that we would create an alliance that would serve as a new colony, strong, hopeful and courageous. The night before, my brother had suggested Diverse United Alliance, which I nodded to and then put off to the side. When the Arkship crashed, the ground shook! Earthquakes began and buildings collapsed. I watched the world feel it's impact below our feet and fall in agony as it crushed the area around it. The desolation left behind only matched the barest of deserts and deepest of rubble from fallen cities. A day later, I learned my brother had died in that Arkship due to a number of issues with safety gear.... I was in pain from that. I couldn't believe that my brother, the one I had planned many things with, had died before me. It struck me so hard, I considered giving up my ticket. However, I pushed forward and continued my expedition and boarded the Arkship. This was my tale. My memory is foggy from the cryostasis and I feel that I am missing some parts of my life. I can not remember the details of the factory that I worked in or the production ingredients for any of the materials. I can only remember my story. The story that I carry with me today holds strong and compels me to ignite a colony on behalf of my brother and on behalf of humanity. This is my story of the founding of the Diverse Unified Alliance or, the DUA. Original article here.
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