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Found 4 results

  1. [FR] PRÉFACE --------------------- Confédération de commerçant se plaçant en neutralité parfaite sur l'échiquier diplomatique de l'univers Dual. Trust us, because we trust you. Serveur vocal Site communautaire La DELTA Confederation est une organisation à but de commerce, nous sommes des bâtisseurs, pour une bonne partie des passionnés d'architecture, attirés par la folie des grandeurs et du design building. Notre objectif n'est autre que de créer un climat propice aux échanges et interactions entre joueurs et/ou organisations, tout en regroupant diverses organisations confédérées en notre cloud. Nous sommes des pacifistes, notre organisation n'entrera jamais en guerre de son initiative. Nos services, vont de la conception technique, au stock de ressource pour des organisations nomades dans des ambassades en leurs noms sur notre territoire, tout en passant par la vente de ressources primaires ou secondaires. L'objectif de la DELTA Confederation est de pérenniser un climat neutre et convivial entre tout les acteurs de l'économie de Quanta City. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal [EN] PREAMBLE --------------------- Merchant confederation placing itself in perfect neutrality on the diplomatic spectrum of the Dual universe. Trust us, because we trust you. Vocal server Organization board The DELTA Confederation is an organization for commercial purposes, we are builders, for a good part of architecture enthusiasts, attracted by the madness of grandeur and design building. Our goal is to create a climate conducive to exchanges and interactions between players and / or organizations, while bringing together various confederate organizations in our cloud. We are pacifists, our organization will never go to war on its own initiative. Our services range from technical design, to resource stocks for nomadic organizations in embassies to their names in our territory, while passing on the sale of primary or secondary resources. The goal of the DELTA Confederation is to maintain a neutral and friendly atmosphere among all players in the economy of Quanta City. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Organization board Vocal server
  2. Corpus Valida is an organization whose primary pursuits are peace and prosperity. The organization aims to create a vast network of interstellar trading hubs and across celestial bodies. These hubs will be a safe zone for anyone in any conflict, and be a place of trade and mercantile endeavors. The organization is looking to recruit members of any designation, whether it be a merchant, mercenary, architect, etc.. Mercenaries hired will act only in ways that defend the hubs or merchants intending to utilize the hubs for trade. This includes defense from invasion and defense from piracy in designated trade routes. Architects hired will lay out the foundation of the hubs and decide how to shape the physical representation of the city. Merchants hired will be affiliates to the organization and do trade under its name, prophesying the haven network of hubs. Resource collectors hired will be affiliates to the organization and work under its name, providing it and the architects with resources needed for their growth and projects. The collectors will benefit from security and the latest technological resources possible as a thanks for their contribution. Idealists hired will be affiliates to the organization and work under its name, providing the hub with the most efficient and practical technological artifacts, whether it be simple machinery or more complex vehicles and automated defense systems. They will also be available to sell copies of their designs and thoughts freely under the Corpus Valida name. If you are interested in becoming a part of the organization, contact us. * Corpus Valida is currently a part of the Cinderfall Syndicate
  3. https://community.du...n/hub-universal Our Mission Statement HUB Universal is a corporation that runs trade facilities where all galactic citizen (no matter what your affiliation is) can come and buy, sell and trade their goods to others. HUB will not affiliate itself with any nation, corporation or group and will not take sides in conflicts. Our facilities are open to all as long as they keep the peace while they visit HUB and enjoy all the services we have to offer. THE POWER OF INVESTING Our belief in the power of investing is a perspective that's influenced our company from the beginning and creates a powerful bond between us and the buyers, sellers, and traders we serve. It is through this bond, that we all prosper and create an environment for Success. Our commitment to you, is to provide you with the tools you need to make your success possible. FOR THOSE WHO DRIVE THE ECONOMY We champion the traders and those who serve them because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great financial outcomes. It is through these successes that we drive the galactic economy and perpetuate a universe of growth and prosperity for all. SEEING THE WORLD “THROUGH CLIENTS’ EYES” HAS SHAPED OUR TRAJECTORY Putting clients at the heart of the experience has enabled us to create products, services and platforms that have shaped our industry and helped clients meet their financial goals. We strive to offer a complete portfolio of tools that you need from the start to the end of the transaction. This could be anything from brokerage services, secure neutral negotiation facilities or even a place to unwind after a hard day of trading. We cater to all your needs so you don’t have to worry about what you may have forgotten. NEUTRALITY IS OUR MISSION STATEMENT HUB will never have any affiliation with any nation, corporation or group. We do not take part in the conflicts of the galaxy, but remain neutral in all things. Hub will only raise arms against groups or individual if they break the peace at a HUB facility. MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVILEGES Membership to HUB is free. There are no dues or fees for Membership, you only pay for the services you use. Access for HUB Facilities and basic services are free for Members and Non-Members alike. No affiliation with any nation, corporation or group will exempt you from HUB Membership. Membership grants you access to all HUB facilities, products and services. Membership is not employment and has no responsibilities other than maintaining the peace while you visit HUB Facilities. A GREAT PLACE TO WORK Employment with HUB offers many additional benefits. All HUB products and services are either free or heavily discounted. Affiliation with any nation, corporation or group will not exempt you from employment with HUB, However, while on HUB business, you must be able to be neutral and impartial. Understand though, that the HUB badge will not protect you away from HUB facilities due to the neutrality that HUB must maintain will all other the groups.
  4. I do hope you will raise a glass with me to introduce the newly founded Intergalactic Banking Organization, or I.B.O in short. The new primary Banking, finance and commerce organization within dual universe! An ambitious project the I.B.O sets to lead the way in the Banking and Commerce sector of DU to help pave the foundations for a prosperous future among the stars! The I.B.O will be a name you can trust when setting your sights on those big and ambitious projects, helping you beat the competition throughout the fierce and competitive galaxies and flourishing to see your true potential. If you think you have what it takes to drive the complex and diverse economy in DU then we urge you to join us ... we are always looking for new and skilled members to pave the way in building the future and being a founding part of the great things to come in this; our Dual Universe! The I.B.O -The I.B.O (known as the Intergalactic Banking Organization) is the first Universe wide Banking organization that structures itself solely on Banking, Finance and commerce. It is the First Banking organization in the game to provide these services to every player and every organization in dual universe, regardless of it's affiliation with the rest of the Dual community. The I.B.O strives to be the Largest banking organization within Dual universe and to help lay the foundations for all projects no matter how big or small. Being a name you can trust is the most important foundation for the I.B.O and with our carefully revised contracts and agreements we assure you that no organization can provide these services better than us! Founding principles The I.B.O operates on a core of principles that help it strive to achieve greatness and make it the number 1 name for all banking, financial and commerce needs. Being a name you can trust-When dealing with your future projects and finances, you need a name you can trust. Don't trust your future to space pirates and mercenaries, the I.B.O has insurances set in place to ensure you bank with confidence when ever you do business with the I.B.O. Privacy and protection of information and interests-The I.B.O takes your privacy with an extremely serious approach. The up most discretion is always taken when dealing with any customer, no matter how big or small. Your rights matter, and the right to remain anonymous is just as important to us as any. The I.B.O will never reveal any of its affiliates or clients and will never be the first to reveal any information of such. Unbeatable services- The I.B.O searches far and wide to find the best of the best to help make your dreams a reality. We have many affiliated organizations to take care of all aspects, from logistics, to security to ensure you get what you need, when you need! and with our insurance policies in place, you never need to worry if the worst should ever happen. Transparency from start to finish- No hidden fees, no late surprises, what we quote is what you pay. All calculations are proposed and revised before any agreements are signed and you know at all times what you are paying for, why, and when. Rewards for loyalty - Tired of feeling like just a number? well why not just be your favorite number? Here at I.B.O our favorite number is #1, and that is what you will always be when dealing with us. If you continue to use and promote our services, you will find it very rewarding in the long term. A clean slate for all-The I.B.O is a bank for every member of Dual universe. Regardless of your affiliation with the Dual community, you can always find a friend in us. We believe that everyone should be given a chance, and as such we will conduct business with anyone until they provide us a reason not to. Fair and honest business- The I.B.O only provides banking, financial and commerce services, and as such may often need to outsource many things to other organizations. We always strive to come to the best agreement possible for all parties involved. Bringing organizations and individuals together to bring a prosperous future for us all. Provided services -The I.B.O provides several services which include but may not be limited to :- Loans of in game currency and resources Funding towards large scale projects Safe storage and account services Interest on investments and accounts Brokering of Stocks and Shares Lottery services (Universe and planet wide) Sourcing contract work to ensure agreement completion Investment advice services and portfolio management Loyalty rewards Insurance services all services may be revised and changed as in game mechanics are confirmed and released. No service is yet finalized and this may not be the full list of provided services. If you think you have what it takes sign up now :- Join-I.B.O All applicants have potential to placed in positions of wealth and power with real chance of having a direct and lasting impact of the future and stability of Dual universes economy. As such all applicants are meticulously screened and groomed to ensure they meet the elite standard required.
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