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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there fellow enthusiasts, I am CaptainKingz, or CraftingKingz. Few of you may have already seen my posts, but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and a little background. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who started off playing loads of Minecraft since 2011. That's where I got my original title of CraftingKingz, which I only use for some games nowadays. I played loads of Yogscast complete modpack with my buds and loved the factory feel and idea. When I first discovered Dual Universe (through a facebook ad) I was hooked. I ran to my wallet and backed the with an honest Iron Founder package. I do plan on buying higher tier packages too when that shop is set up. I saw the videos and read every update about ship building and construction and I loved the idea. I created my own organization in hopes of providing the whole universe with cheap and reliable transportation. I really want to give into this great game's community and be an active member of the forums, and also build up my organization before the game's release. I hope all y'all in the community can accept and welcome me into your family and help shape this game for the better. I thought I should also include: Sandbox Games Played: Rust Minecraft (Yogscast Complete) Ark Space Engineers Empyrion Terraria Starbound Don't Starve (Together) Factorio Savage Lands Starmade Reign of Kings (Regrettable) Space Games Played: Space Engineers Empyrion Starbound Starmade Star Citizen Pulsar: Lost Colony If you want I'd love it if y'all add me as friends
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