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Found 1 result

  1. For the purpose of this thread we will assume that tracking works as advertised by NQ, as in far away targets are updated less frequently so they will have some sort of lock on; however, closer targets it is almost unnoticeable. Let's throw up a hypothetical situation, You and your crew of pirates have detected a freighter moving at high speed, luckily for you he hasn't noticed your approach. Since we don't have construct vs construct weapons quite yet we'll have to board them. Silently approaching the ship and matching their speed, your team of highly trained marines enters the freighter. Then they turn the corner and find an enemy security team. What are you going to do? Shoot at them with your Nanoformer? What good is that going to do, No you are going to use a brand new weapon you designed personally as a high rate of fire CQC to give your marines the edge. Alright so here is the idea, we can't just go around shooting each other with nanoformers we need real guns and energy weapons. I propose an in game designer for guns and energy weapons that give those weapons different abilities depending on what and how they are created. Now I'm thinking we do this with tiny voxels, voxels smaller than 25cm that make up hand held objects such as a rifle, shovel, tool, grenade launcher, etc. But I'm no game designer I do not know if this will be technically possible. Changing different abilities has drawbacks; for instance: You could increase your rate of fire by adding wheels to the firing pin; however, this will increase cost, recoil, manufacturing time, and reduce damage. You could improve the handling of the gun in close quarters by reducing the barrel length; however, this will reduce the effective range and muzzle velocity. You could make the gun deal with recoil better by making it larger and heavier and thus slower. You could add extra batteries to your energy rifle to increase them magazine size, or add a recharger that will recharge after time, but reduce effective damage and increase reload time. This opens up new gun markets, new manufacturing, and more immersion. This would require a in game design unit for designing small objects, which could lead to designing tools with unique abilities. If this systems existed their would be potential for durability, ammo types, and various complicated gun related markets. Also there would be different resistances for different ammo types. Questions/Comments/Concerns?
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