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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know if they plan to let us name the schematics we make or to name our ships. But what about some sort of fame system for the ships. Kill X amount of ships and you unlock the option to give THAT ship a unique name, survive X amount of attacks, win X amount of Duels etc. Possibly a set of pre-defined titles that have positive and negative alignments depending on your actions. Have the titles show when your near the ships if you want epeen, although that would probably just flag you to be attacked. The problem with player choice maybe that there would be some ridiculous names. Then some sort of risk/reward for keeping that ship, example, kill 10 and you get 10% of the cost of repairs or something, kill 20 you get 20% off etc up to a maximum. Then if someone kills that ship, the name is lost and goes into some hall of fame on a forum or in game. You could use the list of names to see which names are available to use again or make them 1 time use on the server only. Killing a named ship could also offer rewards, maybe it counts as 2 kills towards your own ships title or your next repair gets whatever % off depending on the ships notoriety level. Someone might want to collect named ships as a hobby or some Organizations could use it as a requirement for certain ranks, or.....
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