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Found 2 results

  1. So after thinking a bit about ways to convey and tell stories in DU, i though about Wreckage and Ruins you might find that arent result of player interaction (combat). First Wreckages: The Idea is very simple, the game would spawn wreckage in a system/orbit of a object, that could be discovered by explorers and salvaged for recources, components and technology. So how would the game create wreckage? First option: The game takes predefiend already damaged models and places them randomly across the system. (allows for alien AND manmade objects) Second Option: The game takes normal player made models from the ingame market that are actualy aviable to be bought by anyone and damages them randomly before randomly placing them across a already discovered system to explain why the system hasnt been scanned already. Third Option: Player made AND predefined Wreckage Second Ruins: For Ruins we have basiclly the same options, if structures work like ships for the market. BUT structures open more gameplay options because they could trigger safe areas around them, be an automated market, a tomb that goes through the whole planet that you have discover and explore or just a simple trap.
  2. You're all doomed! I just figured out how to do player zombies in this game without breaking the lore. If early or later game play gets a bit uninteresting and grindy this may spice things up. Hint defective resurrection nodes. No you won't be a super zombie ... at first. A low tech variant spawns you without a suit, nanopack and nanoformer but there is a build path to making them. Again late late gameplay if interest wains. I await the dev's comments eagerly. Let the flames begin.
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