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Found 8 results

  1. Organization Name: Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue Website: eyesandearsrescue.org Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ETk5ubw Mission: "Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights" Allegiance: Neutral, with a slight lawful bend Gameplay: Semi-casual, yet can be active at a moment’s notice Roleplay: Freely allowed Currently Recruiting: All Positions When you're out in the void of space, alone and unsure and in need of help, who do you turn to? Many would say "your organization", and that is very much correct. Most organizations ar
  2. Hi guys, When you build the ship, you want tot have windows, lights, all those wires and wire-corners, right? BUTT!!1111!!1 But if you crash, most of the elements will be broken, and require repair. I have 250 elements on my M-ship, I am not talking about L-ship....... I have to walk around and fix every 50 hp point, 200 point, etc, elements, and it takes big part of my life, JUST to CLICK and fix red element, then click fix yellow, and wait of the fix.... What do you do? - You just don't place that much of elements?! Right? ----> we are loosing the esthe
  3. The Above image is a snippet from a post on the .23 patch regarding Perma-destruction of elements and Weapon limitation of core size. Below I go over some of the problems with these two aspects of the 0.23 patch and outline potential ways to make it better and more enjoyable. Element Perma-destruction: Problems: Creates excessive risk and inclines less people to travel out into space Inability to trade "used" elements... even though you can buy/sell used cars, games, GFX cards, laptops ect. in real life. Forces people to carry excess weigh
  4. hi had a small probably neat idea wanted to pass along for repair times and the complaints. Instead of repair times do teirs of difficulty example 10 times damaged normal repair costs from scrap after 10 times damaged go to teir 2 where it costs 1.25 times the scrap then teir 3 as 1.5 then 1.75 then 2 x and so on making it more expensive but still usable you could do an overhaul mechanic as well for when it reaches teir 3 have a cost to overhaul the element to teir one what do you think? [12:47 PM] it makes them more realistic in the sense of basic mechanics just like your car replace basi
  5. HI Team Situation: You are a member of a ship crew, mid battle, you know that parts of the engine and wing are shot to hell and about to fail. But you are inside the ship and unable to repair an item through the hull of a ship. Going for a space walk to repair them risks you being flung of into space as the ship is still under fire and manoeuvring heavily. Are you about to become the spoils of war? Solution - Part 1: From your arm console you select the repair option and then select the ships 'Repair Blueprint'. You zoom into the throbbing red part of the b
  6. Nanites unit for repair and construction (action similar to the events in the Space Engineering). Required for auto repair and construction. It requires a lot of energy
  7. Good evening! I've been searching for a discussion regarding the repair mechanics of DU, and have come up short. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. If that discussion doesn't exist, what do you guys think about ship-to-ship repairs? I know JC said in his recent interview something to the effect of "players might have to keep their ftl drive repaired to allow for escape if needed...". Local repairs by players on the actual element would be great but i also think, for example, a ship discharging energy from their construct to help another keep
  8. So I have been wanting to bring this up for a while. (well like the week I have known about the game) but I wanted to see what I could find on the topic already but so far no luck. So heres my opinion on some things we should have and I would like to hear what has been discussed already on the topic. I am curious what type of defensive systems we will have for ships. Shields: I will automatically assume there will be shields of some sort, but what kind. Will there be independent modules for capacity and charging (like starmade). This is useful since it allows you to customize the shi
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