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Found 3 results

  1. Having gone through pilot training in real life, and having toured and been involved in multiple airports, I have a decent background in avionics. Recently an idea for Dual Universe came to mind as I was considering flight in real life. The idea I thought of was implementing an Air Traffic Control (ATC) concept into the game. However, I do not know if this is possible with just LUA or if it would need extra help and features from the game developers. My idea was that a player could have a computer screen and it would show a similar layout to real life ATC windows (the stereotypical screen of multiple circles on the display with dots and callsigns symbolizing the various aircraft in that airspace [e.g. : pictured below]). One major issue with the concept is that, in space, one would have to consider 3 dimensions of movement/approach of air/space vessels. This led me to the dea that maybe instead of a computer screen, a hologram would be more efficient. The hologram would project a center marked at the projector's position and other constructs would be marked relative to the center mark depending on where they are in space. However the latter implementation of the idea would require LUA editable holograms (which would be really cool).
  2. unown

    Radar Tech

    If cloaking is added how will you see them? What about scanning for rare ore? Or just having your static defences work?
  3. A little push up for dev team to gather ideas from the community about what type of elements would be appreciated to be seen in control rooms of our spaceships Unlike other topic i would like to structure that one and condensate informations, so that after few posts we dont loose them I will start with an exhaustive liste of active elements, scripted elements, that players will have interaction with And encourage everyone to copy past the liste adding +1 on the counter of the elements they like, and add their own elements at the bottom of the list Eventual comments would be made after the liste has been past
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