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Found 2 results

  1. It's been fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. You know. I've enjoyed this. The past couple of months have been fun. On the announcement of NQ locking my thread, my original purpose has been defeated. My rule was to not make NQ upset while giving you organizations and people something to argue about. Time. It was a good time. Never failed to excite me. It should be obvious. OutlandishRep is a character. A figment of the idea of how to give organizations negative attention. Burst the bubble of positive feedback. Allow organizations to be viewed in a negative light. Few agreed. Few approved. It only revealed something else. The sensitivity that people have. The arguments they made at the beginning. Fine gold. Quick. Undefended. Easy for me to prove wrong. The beginning showed who couldn't hold their tongue. The end showed the problems people had with each other. The purpose of all this? Supposedly to test these people. What know? Probably nothing. That's sad. This is the end. I never favored a person. Attacks were not held off for those I did or didn't like. Your note of how I operated. I'll see you all in game. OutlandishRep bids you farewell.
  2. Pointing out something. I figure this should have gone without clue. I'm OutlandishRep and welcome to the fantastic barrel of misery and anger known as my posts. There have been some things going around. Noticed anything? I'm sure you have. There are spam posters. You know what that means. We have reached the classic point of boards. The people who are doing stuff to irritate others. You know, like me. These people aren't me though. They are people who are purposely causing others some grief. I'm just throwing the grief of other onto their desks. The Problem? At this time a month ago, there was a user. His name was Sakej99. One day he decided to post some spam. This spam wasn't in a can. It was spam that festered with hate and rhetoric of the stereotypically internet kind. The organization supposedly behind this spam? The Diverse Unified Alliance. After looking through their members, there wasn't a Sakej99 listed. Contacting Dominar Diablo, I inquired about this. Minutes of trying to get him to talk without blocking minute ended up revealing that Sakej99 had simply left. Useless. This was all useless stuff that we didn't need. But one fateful day on November 24th, this unappealing type of post known as spam happened again! Can you guess the person that did this? Let me give you a hint. It's Sakej99. A new line of hateful attacks at both Sakej99 and the organization he posted for began. The organization? Solar Secure. The child of Solar Empire. Another useless post with 44 ignorant and disgusting replies emerged. Want to know the funny thing? Both leaders of Solar Empire and the Diverse Unified Alliance posted something to deny their involvement in this spam. That. Should. Go. Without. Saying. Both of them publicly apologized or stated they had no involvement. Great. Solar Secure had a different response though. Agreement that the community wash harsh on one post. Agreed. Agreement that the community was oversensitive about a spammer that just posted a quick, non-contributing post. Disagreed. This was the community reacting negatively to a post that didn't need to exist. You know, the desired effect. This reaction is better than an upvote haven. The community wants bad posts to be given honor? No! Conclusion To This? Idiotic. A word to describe the reaction. Idiotically, members started arguing with each other in this post. Idiotically, it spiraled into a negative feedback loop. Spurs of hate spread as one posts something that isn't needed. Personal opinion applies. Community opinion triumphs over personal opinion. Sakej99, a legate of Solar Secure, caused problems that negatively effected the organization. I'll leave the questioning of Sakej99 alone. Spam. Overreaction. Both points that need to be mentioned. A non-useful post that contributed nothing. Shouldn't have happened. The community festering hate and harmful rhetoric into that post. Shouldn't have happened. Want to know something? This community can be toxic. It can birth things like DUExplorers, fan lore, contests. It can birth the opposite as well. One step away from a OutlandishRep news segment. You know what the problem is? Stop contributing to making it worse. Both sides. A day after, Sakej99 sent a present. A wonderful Thanksgiving Present. I accept your invitation to join Solar Secure. You probably don't want me at this point but I'll still join. I'll see all of you in the comments. OutlandishRep brings you an Outlandish day.
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