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Found 2 results

  1. Back on Earth, things were tough. The Arkships were leaving with people rushing to them and gathering up spots for humanitys hope as quick as possible. It wasn't easy getting a spot so it had to be done quickly or wisely. For me, it wasn't as big of a problem. Given the nickname MasteredRed due to my ability to always make the center of decorations red, I lived a life that had few repercussions. I had been born to a good family with my mother and father raising me until the age of fourteen. After that, I was sent along with me and my brother who was two years older to a high tech school. There, they taught us valuable lessons in production and assembly. From then on after school, I worked in factories where I managed a small production plant to make Kyrium. I worked in the factory for five years after I reached eighteen. By twenty-five, I had begun to work my way up the corporations responsible and managed to make a connection which allowed me to secure two tickets to the Arkship that I worked on. I handed out the second ticket to my brother, however, he traded it in for a ticket on the earlier Arkship, so that he could go ahead and secure territory for ourselves when we both get there. Two years later and the Arkship he was on began to take off. It was an early one and had quite a few minor mistakes as I found out, but as I waved to it, the reactor misfired, causing the propulsions systems to fail and it to come crashing back down. Then, as it started falling, I remembered a promise that I made to my brother that we would create an alliance that would serve as a new colony, strong, hopeful and courageous. The night before, my brother had suggested Diverse United Alliance, which I nodded to and then put off to the side. When the Arkship crashed, the ground shook! Earthquakes began and buildings collapsed. I watched the world feel it's impact below our feet and fall in agony as it crushed the area around it. The desolation left behind only matched the barest of deserts and deepest of rubble from fallen cities. A day later, I learned my brother had died in that Arkship due to a number of issues with safety gear.... I was in pain from that. I couldn't believe that my brother, the one I had planned many things with, had died before me. It struck me so hard, I considered giving up my ticket. However, I pushed forward and continued my expedition and boarded the Arkship. This was my tale. My memory is foggy from the cryostasis and I feel that I am missing some parts of my life. I can not remember the details of the factory that I worked in or the production ingredients for any of the materials. I can only remember my story. The story that I carry with me today holds strong and compels me to ignite a colony on behalf of my brother and on behalf of humanity. This is my story of the founding of the Diverse Unified Alliance or, the DUA. Original article here.
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